PART OF Game Day

50 Easy Tailgating Recipes

We have two words for you: Game. On. Pull up a chair and get ready to throw the ultimate parking lot party with Buffalo wings, boozy brats and cheesy dips.

Touchdown Chili

"I've made this recipe twice and I love it! It's great as written, but I add red pepper flakes and a few dashes of Texas Pete for more heat."


Party Ryes

"We just love these. They're great for football parties because, in my opinion, all game-day food should be finger food!"


Jalapeno Poppers

"Yum! These are great. We like making them on the grill."


Grilled Buffalo Wings

"This will be our go-to wing recipe for the summertime. It's easy and fabulous."


Pigs in Blankets

"I made these for a football game and everyone enjoyed them. I loved the nice crispy crust."

weekend cooker

Grilled Corn

"This is a great way to grill corn if you don't have any foil on hand. The corn always tastes fantastic!"


Loaded Reubens

"This was a really filling and delicious sandwich. It came out better than any famous deli or pub could make."


Mini Pizzas

"I loved how quick and easy these were to put together! They make a nice addition to any football spread."

-Mama's Kitchen (Hope)

Beer Brats

"This is an excellent way to cook brats! I used a good beer, so the onions and sauerkraut tasted delicious."


Frito Pie in a Bag

"This is such a quick, fun treat! It reminded me of when I used to live in Texas, where these are very popular."


Sweet & Sticky Drumsticks

"Loved this recipe! I made it as written, using a combo of thighs and drumsticks. The flavor is awesome."


Deli Melt Bites

"These were perfect for last night's football game. I stacked the crackers next to the cheese and meat so people could make their own."

-Andi of Longmeadow Farm

Cheddar Ale Pub Spread

"This is quite possibly the perfect bar cheese! It had a nice spreadable texture and the nuts really enhanced the cheddar flavor."

-Sue Lau

Taco Scoop Appetizers

"These were a big hit at my party! I made them exactly as directed and they were gone in a flash."


Whoopie Pies

"This is the way to make whoopie pies! Using marshmallow cream and butter instead of shortening makes them taste much better."


Barbecued Onion Relish

"This is a great topping for hot dogs or Italian sausages. This will definitely be a regular addition to our family barbecues."


Pimento Cheese Dip

"People go crazy when I make this dip! It tastes delicious with crackers and pretzels."


Beef Kebabs

"We enjoyed these! The marinade was very easy to make, and the meat was flavorful and tender."


Brats, Beer & Cheddar Soup

"We were in the mood for something warm and filling, and this fit the bill. It was hearty with lots of flavor. The caraway seed was an inspired addition!"

-Chef Menel

Ginger, Garlic & Honey Baby Back Ribs

"Yum! This was delicious, and the lime dipping sauce was a great touch."

-Peter J

Cheesy Potato Salad

"This may be the best potato salad I've ever had! I used very little sugar and I added chopped celery for extra crunch."

-Chef #1155527

Hard Rock Guacamole

"This was a great party recipe! I allowed it to chill for several hours so all the flavors could meld."


Sweet BBQ Meatballs

"These were outstanding! The thick sauce really clings to the meat. The combination of barbecue sauce and grape jelly was wonderful!"


Ranch Pasta Salad

"This was so flavorful and tasted even better the second day. It was a hit with my family and friends at the barbecue."

-heather in Ont,

Beer & Pretzel Burgers

"This burger comes out so moist and flavorful. I substituted a little hot salsa for the relish, which worked out really well."


Deviled Eggs

"These go down so easily, you can't stop eating them! I've found they're best when eaten at room temperature."


Grilled Parmesan Potatoes

"I loved the green onion with the cheese and seasonings. The potatoes cooked up perfectly in the foil without burning."

-Crafty Lady 13

Cheddar Dip

"This dip really impressed me. I used the Worcestershire sauce option, which gave it a real depth of flavor."


BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwiches

"I can't find the words to express how tender, juicy and absolutely fabulous these sandwiches were! We loved them!"


Sugared Spiced Nuts

"I made a batch of these to munch on during the playoff games and they were all gone by halftime!"


Ultimate Chocolate Chip Bars

"I found these delightfully simple to make, and the result was absolutely delicious — gooey, chocolatey and decadent!"


Buffalo Chicken Wraps

"Yummy! This is definitely going into my folder of top recipes. I didn't have chicken breasts, so I used chicken tenders."

-Teddy's Mommy

Football Sunday Salsa

"This is a rich and delicious dip for chips! I used Rotel tomatoes with green chiles, which gave it the perfect amount of heat."


Sweet & Sour Hot Dogs

"These were fantastic! I made them exactly as written, and served them over rice. They were a hit with my kids!"

-Sara 76

Bacon Ranch Dip

"Whenever there's a potluck party among my friends, they always ask, 'Are you bringing that bacon dip?' It's definitely a favorite!"


Beef Jerky

"I made this for my boyfriend, who's a jerky junkie, and he loved it! We couldn't believe how easy and mess-free it was to dehydrate in the oven."


Triple-Chocolate Beer Brownies

"Wow! I used both dark cocoa powder and dark chocolate chips, so mine were very rich, with a subtle stout flavor."


Garlic-Parmesan Buffalo Wings

"These turned out absolutely perfect — crisp on the outside and moist and juicy on the inside. The sauce was fabulous!"


Bean, Bacon & Blue Cheese Dip

"This was a lovely recipe that was a lot healthier than dips made with mayonnaise or sour cream. The beans make it creamy enough!"


Simple Sausage Sliders

"I've made my share of burgers but never sliders. These were simple to make, delicious and gone in 60 seconds!"


Bacon Muffins

"I've been making bacon muffins for so long, and I've finally found the perfect recipe! I always add cheese to these."


Houdini Burgers

"Delicious! I loved the combination of the coleslaw and the barbecue sauce."


Cowboy Cocktail

"I love Captain Morgan spiced rum, and this was a nice way to enjoy it in a cold drink!"


Chex Mix

"I made this today and we ate the whole bowl! I will never go back to the store-bought kind again."

-Little Bee

Crunchy Potato Cheese Balls

"These turned out absolutely great. The cheese melted perfectly. I served them with sour cream and some ketchup."

-William (Uncle Bill) Anatooskin

Barbecued Chicken Bites

"The chicken came out so tender and juicy. These make a great entree, but they would also work as an appetizer."

-Crafty Lady 13

Ham & Swiss Sliders

"I took these to a potluck and everyone wanted the recipe. I even made them the night before!"


Foiled Hot Dogs

"Even people who don't normally like hot dogs enjoyed these. Plus, they were neat to eat, and cleanup was a breeze."


Mozzarella Puffs

"Yummy! There are a million ways you could use this recipe. Next time I might add some pepperoni."


BBQ Baked Beans

"We loved the use of ground beef in these sweet beans. It gave them a hearty, chili-like texture."