67 Instant Pot Chicken Breast Recipes

Need some Instant Pot recipes for those chicken breasts in the fridge? Check out this collection of user favorites. Whether you're pressure cooking your way to a quick dinner or using the slow-cooker setting to have dinner ready at the end of a long day, these recipes can totally revamp the way you cook chicken breasts.

Cream Cheese Chicken

"This is a really great-tasting, easy main dish meal! I made it exactly as written, except for the time cooked. It actually only takes about half the seven hours to cook.”


Chicken Taco Meat

“This recipe was simple and incredibly delicious. As mentioned before, just start in the morning and when you get home you have perfectly cooked and seasoned chicken. Great for enchiladas, burritos, tacos or whatever!”


Creamy Italian Chicken

"Very good! Next time I will follow the recipe and use low-sodium cream of chicken soup; it was a bit on the salty side, but that was my fault. This is a keeper."


Coconut Chicken Curry

"This recipe is delicious! I added one teaspoon of sugar to the curry sauce, because I like curries a little on the sweet side. My family loved it, and I also made it for a teacher's luncheon at my children's school. Several teachers asked for the recipe. It was so easy to prepare yet provided a perfect mix of complex flavors.”

-Linda Lloyd

Cheesy Chicken & Ham

"Pretty good. I used only a half of a stick salted butter and about a tablespoon of light olive oil. Will definitely make again, but with the following modifications: cook chicken only four hours. Add one half of a cup to one cup of milk to cream cheese mixture. Add salt to taste. Add peas at the end. Overall, a yummy, easy recipe.”


Pammy's Chicken Breast & Gravy

“Even though the end result was just a tad salty for our tastes, five fantabulous stars for this one! Simply put, when I thinned the gravy out with some half and half and a bit of water, this was some of the best chicken we've ever sunk our teeth into!”

-Del D.

Easy Salsa Chicken

"I put all of the ingredients in the crockpot just before I went to bed. I woke up to the wonderful aroma! The chicken was so moist it fell apart. I packed it for husband to take to work for lunch. He ended up calling me at my job just to say how good it was and how everyone who had a taste loved it!”


Chicken with Vegetable Gravy

"Family loved it and ate all of the chicken save for half a breast. 
The family said the flavors were wonderful and used the gravy on the skin, on garlic mashed potatoes and on the bread I served with it."

-Coley E.

Chicken with Tomato Alfredo Sauce

"This was really tasty and very simple. I cut back on the pepper flakes and added some Italian seasoning, as my family isn't a fan of hot. This is an excellent fast and tasty meal."

-Michelle S.

Chicken, Gravy & Stuffing

"A real winner. Made exactly as stated with only one substitution: I had no butter on hand, so I melted a quarter cup of Smart Balance spread. It worked just fine.”


Angel Chicken

"I am not a fan of doing dishes, so I make the sauce in the crock pot first and stir in the chicken once everything's blended. I also add fresh mushrooms and broccoli for a complete meal.”


Chicken Stroganoff

"Excellent, easy and yummy recipe! I used light sour cream since we don't care for the texture of fat-free things, and it was great. I'll make this again, and when I do, I'll throw in a chopped onion.”

-Musical Joy

Jolean's Spanish Chicken

"This has been a favorite recipe of mine for decades. I serve it over yellow rice and just love it!"

-LJ M.

Chicken with Black Beans in Cream Sauce

"This was so good. It was better than I thought it would be! I cut the recipe in half but now am wishing I hadn't so that I could have leftovers.”

-What A Dish

Amaretto Chicken

"This is one tasty dish! We made it the second time with lime juice instead of lemon and it wasn't nearly as good. Stick with the lemon. This has become a weekend staple around my house."

-Conan Lloyd

Sweet Baby Ray's Barbecue Chicken

"A good recipe. I used boneless chicken breasts (not frozen).”


Chicken à l'Antoinette

"Excellent recipe! I did it in the slow cooker, and it took only 6 hours on low. Then, I turned it down to keep warm and left it there for 3 more hours.”


Slow Cooker Thai Chicken

“This was really good! I made it like the recipe instructed with nothing extra added or subtracted, and the family loved it!”

-Miss Annie

French Country Chicken

“We had this for dinner this evening, and it was excellent.”

-Louise L.

Bloody Mary Chicken

"Super easy and so delicious. This makes a lot of a rich and tasty sauce, so one could reduce the amount a bit or do as I did and add extra carrots and halved small Yukon gold potatoes to make this a one-dish meal.”


Six Sisters' Honey Sesame Chicken

"This was an excellent meal! I did make some changes: I made only half the sauce and used maple syrup instead of honey and added garlic oil.”


Mediterranean Chicken

"Very tasty. The raisins brought out a nice sweet flavor in contrast to the salsa. I used salsa instead of picante sauce and served this over noodles."


Teriyaki Chicken

"I made this for my grandson’s first birthday party. It is delicious! I used brown sugar instead of white sugar and added a teaspoon of sesame oil and a few red pepper flakes for a little heat. I will definitely make this again.”

-Lori S.

Slow-Cooker Southwest Chicken

“Southwest chicken will make your life tasty and easy. Simple ingredients make this a go-to recipe for those who are on the go but don't want to sacrifice on quality.”

-David L.

Peanut Chicken

“I added extra crunchy peanut butter, more honey and maple syrup while it was cooking. The results were fabulous.”


Soy-Braised Chicken

"This fits the bill perfectly on a busy day or night. It was so nice to come home to a nice-smelling house. The chicken was very flavorful, and the bok choy addition was very nice.”


Sweet & Sour Chicken

"Everyone really liked this dish. My son declared the chicken delicious; it was tender and not dry. I cut each breast into four pieces. The sauce was very flavorful. I thickened it with arrowroot. The recipe was well written and went together easily.”


Savory Sweet Chicken

"This was very easy. I started late and cooked it on high for one hour and then on medium for one hour. My whole family liked it.”


Low-Calorie Lemon Chicken

“I enjoyed this recipe. I did add the garlic and white wine to the sauce just to give it extra flavor. The chicken was so tender it practically fell apart when I stabbed it with a fork!”


Chicken & Pasta

"My husband came home from work and said, ‘Something in here smells good.’ It wasn't my perfume. It was this chicken! We all enjoyed this. I made it exactly by the recipe and did add the optional butter. I will make it again."


Italian Chicken

“This peasant-style chicken dinner fills the house with a wonderful aroma as it cooks. Starting with frozen chicken helps keep it moist during the long cooking.”

-Deb Wolf

Amazing White Chili with Chicken

“The flavor was very good and very similar to a local restaurant. It was very easy to make. I added too much liquid so next time I will add less broth. I will make this again.”


The Best-Ever Lemon Pepper Chicken

"This was absolutely wonderful; my son and his girlfriend loved it.”

-L DJ3309

Citrus Ginger Chicken

“This is fantastic and very ‘company-worthy.’ I made it as directed but cooked it on low for 6 hours as my slow cooker cooks very fast. The chicken was very moist and flavorful, and the sauce was great spooned over the steamed veggies and rice I added to this meal.”

-Amber of AZ

Tropical Chicken

"Reading the reviews, I decided to changed a couple of things. I used only one tablespoon Dijon mustard and added a half a teaspoon of crushed red pepper flakes to add a little heat. Then I browned the chicken pieces in olive oil and butter.”

-Charlotte J

Broccoli Cheese Chicken

"Simple, easy and tasty. I cut back on the milk but maybe not enough as the sauce was still thin. That was easily corrected with cornstarch slurry.”


Chicken in Wine

"This is a very simple weeknight dinner. It works great when time is limited. The sauce was a bit thin, in my opinion. However, it had a nice flavor served over noodles. I would add a bit of thickener or remove the lid of the crockpot and allow the sauce to reduce (if time allowed) if I were to make this again."

-Ms B.

Chicken & Peppers With Gravy over Rice

“This can be cooked on high in a slow cooker, but I would suggest doing it on low so it gives the flavors time to cook into the chicken!”

-PSU Lioness

Black Bean Salsa Chicken

"No complaints here! It was very good.”


Easy & Tasty Barbecue Chicken Sandwiches

“Great recipe. The taste along with the ease of preparation cannot be beat!"


Pot Pie

"We loved this recipe, though I made a couple of changes. I used prepared pie crusts on the top and the bottom, and I used a packet of Hidden Valley ranch seasoning (simply because I had it on hand).”


Cranberry Barbecue Chicken

“Good, simple and healthy. I followed the recipe, including thickening the sauce, but I served it over couscous (with a light lemon flavor) with steamed veggies on the side.”


Shredded Chicken Breasts for Freezing

“Wonderful! This is going to make weeknight recipes so much easier!”


Interesting Chicken

“Spectacular dish and so wonderfully slow-cooker easy. I have to admit I was skeptical about the high setting, but the chicken was plenty moist and, of course, delightfully tender.”


Chicken Cacciatore

“The recipe was fantastic, and I have a very skeptical, picky group of eaters. The sauce was awesome. I liked the red pepper flakes at the end, especially. Don't forget to add the garlic with the onions as this step is left out.”

-Buffalo John

Chicken & Stuffing

"This was really good! I precooked the chicken a bit before I put it in the crockpot and added half a cup of water to the soup mixture. Once I got it all in the crockpot I gave the stuffing and soup a good stir. It came out nice and moist. I'll be making this again!"


Chicken with Mushroom Soup

“I made this one morning before heading off to work. When I got home the house smelled awesome! The kids and husband loved it!”


Garlic & Rosemary Chicken Breast

“This is a great, easy meal. In the interest of reducing the amount of butter, I used half the amount and mixed it with an equal amount of olive oil.”


Chicken Stroganoff

"Great recipe and very easy — a good choice for my first-ever slow-cooker dish! Awesome over fettuccine!"


Creamy Ranch Chicken Light

"This was really great and so easy. I added the sour cream at the beginning since this had to be ready to eat as soon as we got home but it's probably best to add in the last half hour of cooking as other people have mentioned.”


Easy Low-Fat BBQ Chicken

"It's amazing what you can do with just three ingredients. The red onion is the magic ingredient that transforms the BBQ sauce and chicken juices into a a tasty sauce, and the chicken is infused with the flavor.”


Chicken & Noodles

“This was a really good, comforting soup! I added a bay leaf, parsley, garlic powder and black pepper to the broth to give it some extra flavor. I also added frozen mixed vegetables when I added the noodles.”


Kickin' Creamy Chicken Stew

"This is always a winner. It's perfect and a success every time I make it. Perfect by itself or on rice or a tortilla. I just top with a little shredded cheddar, and I'm set!"


Balsamic Chicken

"This has to be the tastiest way to cook chicken, and it just falls off the bone. My four teens and their respective significant others loved this.”


Orange Honey Chicken

"This is great! The chicken turned out juicy and tender. What a nice surprise as I always overcook chicken in the slow cooker. The veggies were still crisp, and so all of the textures were just right. And, to make it better, it couldn't be any easier to prepare.”


Greek-Style Chicken

"This is a nice addition to my collection of slow-cooker recipes. I took the updated instructions to mean that the chicken is layered in between the potatoes and onions, and this worked fine for me cooking everything on high for about six hours. No dry chicken! I did find that at the end the dish benefited from a generous additional squeeze of lemon juice and hearty sprinkling of sea salt, but that's probably just a matter of personal taste."

-Jen C Seattle

Swiss Cheese Chicken

"A very nice dinner, and I loved the cheese flavor. Very easy to make. We loved the gravy this recipe produces.”

-Seasoned Cook

Lemon Tarragon Chicken

“This simple-to-prepare dish carries a unique and wonderful flavor to the table. It is very different, indeed. The flavors of the ingredients blend well and yet are very distinguishable amongst each other. We served it over angel hair pasta.”


Cheesy Chicken with Rice

"Good cheesy rice and chicken; it had a great flavor; even my one-year-old loved it. However, me and hubby like a little more spice so I would use the pepper cheese next time.”


Chicken with Bread Bowl Dumplings

“An easy way to warm up a damp day with a tasty dish that makes use of leftover bread bowls.”


Chicken & Dumplings

You can easily make this Southern U.S. classic comfort dish in your Instant Pot. This recipe shows you how.

Chipotle Chicken with Sweet Potatoes

“This is a wonderful dish. The heat from the chipotle is nicely mellowed by the sour cream and the sweetness from the sweet potatoes. I would serve this to company.”


Karen's Pizza Chicken

"This was good and easy to put together. I only had to cook mine for four hours. I followed the recipe as written. We all enjoyed this.”


Hawaiian Chicken

"The sauce was good, but the chicken didn't absorb a lot of the flavor of the sauce. I cooked it on high for about three hours. We served it with rice as suggested. The next day, we put the leftovers on buns with barbecue sauce and pineapple slices. I want to try this recipe again cooking it on low, which might help with the flavor of the chicken!”

-Pale Rose

Bacon Ranch Chicken

“This was awesome! I added half of a red onion sautéed in olive oil. I went for a low-fat version with low-fat soup and sour cream. Wonderful!”


Artichoke, Chicken & Olives

"We loved it! I used a combination of skinless, boneless chicken breasts and thighs, because we like some dark meat. I also used the olives and capers, simply because I love capers.”


Pesto Ranch Chicken & Veggies

"So easy a new husband can do it! Smelled great and tasted yummy."