56 Keto Chicken Recipes

These protein-packed keto chicken recipes are just what you need to stay on track with your nutrition goals. Check out our roundup of keto-compliant chicken recipes that will fit in beautifully with your high-protein lifestyle.

Keto Creamy Spiced Butter Chicken

“I made this the other night! I was so good and fairly easy to cook. I would definitely add a bit more spice, though."

-Stephanie C.

Pan Grilled Chicken with Avocado & Red Onion Salsa

“I really liked the flavor combinations in this dish. I used red cabbage, and the presentation was so colorful.”


Baked Pesto Chicken

“This is the second thing I've ever cooked, and it was a hit! I wasn't too sure about it, but I love pesto, and wanted to try my hand at baking, so it seemed like a good recipe. If you're a beginner, or just want something tasty and easy to cook, you should definitely give this a go!”


Mexican Grilled Chicken

"Due to a time factor, I played with the preparation of this recipe and it still came out quite delicious. Instead of marinating, I rubbed all the herbs and spices onto the slightly pounded boneless chicken breasts then pan grilled them in the olive oil.”


Grilled Basil & Garlic Stuffed Chicken

“Very flavorful and moist. I can only think they would be even tastier grilled. I will try them again soon!”


Pollo a La Brasa (Peruvian Grilled Chicken)

“We loved this recipe. I only had time to marinade for 3 hours. It came out incredibly moist, flavorful and delicious. The skin was still crispy. The marinade was perfect. I did add a tablespoon of Sriracha sauce. This is definitely a keeper. I’m with the marinade!”

-Tico Cat

Grilled Basil Lemon Chicken

"I had a family pack of chicken thighs and found this recipe. I doubled the sauce and used bottled lemon juice as that was all I had. I used my own home dried basil and garlic from the jar. The results were delicious, moist chicken thighs that got crispy on the outside because of the olive oil. I will return to this recipe over and over again."

-Sooz Cooks

Grilled Moroccan Chicken

“This is my absolute favorite chicken recipe. I usually save some of the marinade to add to the plate for dipping. I've grilled, broiled, baked and even used my George Foreman grill for this recipe, and it always comes out great.”


Grilled Mexican Lime Chicken

“This is, so far, the best marinated grilled chicken I've ever made! I only got about three hours of marinating time, and my chicken just sucked up so much flavor! It was tangy and delicious. I will be using this marinade for a long time.”


Grilled Chicken with Cilantro Marinade

"Made this tonight, and it was amazing — very moist and tender. I will be using this recipe more often!"


Grilled Greek Chicken

“Great change of pace recipe for grilled chicken. My daughter loves it! I pounded my chicken out evenly before marinating and grilled it in my barrel smoker over lowered direct heat. It only took around 30 minutes, if that.”


Spicy Thai Grilled Chicken

“Wow! This was so good! I loved the spiciness of it — wonderful combination of flavours! I had to use bone-in thighs because that's what I had, and I marinated for about eight hours. Also, I did not have any sambal oelek, so I used Thai sweet chili sauce; it turned out lovely with lots of zing.”


Simple Baked Chicken Drumsticks

"These were absolutely delicious! They were so flavorful, tender and juicy, almost to the point of falling off the bone. This will be added to my go-to quick meals folder.”

-Papa D 1946-2012

Chicken Fajitas

"These were excellent! I also marinated the chicken a little longer. Wonderful! The lime juice is key!”


Jalapeño Chicken Salad

“I tried this the other night with leftover roast chicken, and it was delicious! The jalapeños gave it a nice bite, but not too spicy. My husband said it was "one of the best, most interesting" things I've made.”


Easy Baked Chicken Parmesan (No Breading)

"OMG! This was wonderful and I typically don't care for chicken with tomato sauce. And chicken parmesan has not ben a favorite because of the breadcrumbs."


Lemon & Garlic Roast Chicken

"This is the best roast chicken I've ever had. I made two changes — I stuffed the chicken cavity with a sliced whole onion and lemons, and I stuffed sliced lemon under the skin of the breast meat. I've never had chicken this moist and so flavorful!”


Sautéed Chicken with Asparagus & Mushrooms

“Great simple and tasty weeknight meal! I was late getting dinner going and loved how quickly this came together. I used boneless skinless breasts. Otherwise, I made just as directed and wouldn't change a thing.”


Chicken Salad

“I made this with leftover Thanksgiving turkey. Without a doubt, this was some of the best chicken salad I ever had. Very simple to make. The flavors, spices, and texture were perfect. This is going into my recipe box.”


Low-Carb Deviled Chicken Salad

“Yummy! I did not have any hard boiled eggs, so I made it without, and it was still fantastic. I will definitely make this one again.”


Pan-Fried Chicken with Garlic & Lemon

“This was a quick, easy and tasty recipe (surprisingly tasty, actually). I used two big cloves of garlic, and although I love garlic, the flavour was still very strong. I also didn't have shallots so I used a small brown onion instead and it was still very nice.”


Chicken Stuffed with Sun-Dried Tomatoes & Goat Cheese

"Stuffed chicken breasts are one of my favorite things to make. I loved the combination of flavors in the stuffing. I added a clove of garlic to mine, but followed everything else exactly. The chicken was moist. The cook time was perfect. I will definitely make this again!”

-DinnerDiva in OK

Slow-Cooker Thai Chicken Thighs

"This is a very delicious recipe. I made some minor tweaks. In addition to the cilantro salsa, I added a large handful of fresh cilantro as well as a little extra lime juice.”


Turkish Chicken Thighs

"Well this was a pleasant surprise. I loved the flavorful crust that formed on the chicken, and the mint did not taste strange like I thought it would. I'd like to try this with chicken breasts instead of thighs in the future.”


Garlic & Parmesan Chicken Wings

"We loved this! The only thing I'd do differently is decrease the amount of butter to 1/4 cup. Even with 25 wings, 1/2 cup of butter was just way too much."

-for the love of veg

Grilled Chicken Wings

"Wow! I made these wings for my husband and myself tonight, and they were fabulous. I marinated them for six hours, and then we tossed them on the grill.”


Baked Buffalo Chicken Breasts

"I made this last night, and it was delicious! I used Frank's brand buffalo sauce. I didn't have celery salt, so I skipped it but I'll try it next time. I had chicken breast cutlets, so I used those and they came out so flavorful and moist.”


Melt-In-Your-Mouth Chicken Breasts

“This is really delicious, moist and easy to make. The only difference I made was I put each individual breast into foil and also added a teaspoon of whole-grain mustard to the mixture. I also only cooked it for 30 minutes and it turned out great.”


Armenian Herb-Marinated Grilled Chicken Breasts

"This is our new favorite chicken and I make it at least once a week now! My only problem is I can never find shallots so I use green onion or regular onions instead.”

-navy wifey

Low-Carb Chicken & Bacon Casserole

"My low-carb honey and guests loved this. I used frozen broccoli and squeezed the water out of it so that it wouldn't make the whole dish water logged.”


Low-Carb Savory Italian Grilled Chicken

"Outstanding! I made them on the grill, and they were moist, tender and very flavorful. This is one of the best grilled chicken dishes ever.”

-Titanium Chef

Pan-Fried Chicken & Chorizo

“Given to me by a friend. Quick, easy and tasty meal with a Spanish flavour. This recipe was changed a little by the addition of curry powder, which I think makes the dish.”

-Foody Friend

Topsy Turvy Crispy Roast Chicken

"I remember making this a few weeks ago, and it was so good. We usually roast chicken similar to this, but what stood out here was putting in the lemon inside the cavity. Such a brilliant idea!”


Sautéed Chicken in Mustard & Cream Sauce

"This recipe was good. The sauce wasn't very thick, but the taste was very nice. I used fresh tarragon. I used chicken broth instead of wine (I am trying to cut down on carbs) and this was perfect.”

-mary winecoff

Greek Chicken Salad

“I haven't even refrigerated this yet, but it tastes delicious! I halved the recipe and left out the olives.”


Chicken Souvlaki Salad

"What a delightful salad this was. Very refreshing and easy to prepare. I especially liked the dressing. My hubby enjoyed it immensely, too!”


Chicken Stuffed Poblano Chiles

"Delicious! I used pepper jack cheese and added a little bit of cumin and garlic powder. We really enjoyed these.”


Micronesian Coconut Chicken Curry

“This recipe took longer to cook than I expected, but it was worth the wait. For U.Sx cooks, the chili powder used in this recipe is not blended Mexican-style chili powder, but the ground Asian-style chili powder.”


Tex-Mex Chicken Wings (Or Drumsticks)

“These were great and so easy! I used one packet of taco seasoning (one ounce) with the two teaspoons of lime juice, one tablespoon of olive oil and two chopped garlic cloves. This wing recipe couldn't be easier and we all enjoyed eating them.”


Parmesan Drumsticks

"This was excellent. I must have had extra large drumsticks as the mixture only coated six, but it was so worth it. I didn't take the skin off, but will try that the next time I make them. The aroma in the kitchen was almost too much to bear. Hubby and I could hardly wait until dinner was ready!"



“Why should chicken wings have all the fun? Personally, I don't like margarine, but if you want that really ‘authentic’ Buffalo flavor, replace the butter with margarine.”

-Kana K.

Bacon-Wrapped, Boursin-Stuffed Chicken Breasts

“The whole family loved this dish! That’s not an easy task in my household. I used garlic and herb brie as the cheese, since I always seem to have that in the fridge. It worked wonderfully!”


Chicken Drumsticks with Indian Spices

"What a delicious dinner this dish made tonight. I marinated the chicken (used thighs vs. drumsticks) for 24 hours and the result was a very moist and flavorful chicken. I served this chicken with some stir-fried broccoli and we loved it. I’ll definitely make this chicken again.”


Awesome Cajun Chicken Wings

“This sounded like a good recipe, so I gave it a try. I made it for a group of friends that we get together with on occasion. Now they request these chicken wings every time we get together!”

-Sandra Muzquiz

Stolen Garlic Chicken Livers

“I’ve always hated liver with a passion and could not eat it, but this recipe took me by surprise. Great, quick, easy recipe. I was hesitant about the raw garlic, but it fit in perfectly. I highly suggest trying this recipe. It’s so easy to make that it’s at least worth trying."


Bacon-Wrapped Chicken Livers

"This is great! I made these tonight to see if I'd like it because I'm used to eating liver only as pâté. Now I have another tasty way to get my iron in!"


Chicken Hearts

"Very tasty. I always thought you had to cook them a long time — not so! They were delicious and so very tender! I didn't do the marinade thing because we were hungry!"

-Gerrye W.

No-Carb Chicken-Stuffed Green Peppers

"I elected to skip the parboil step and the peppers still had a firmness, which I like."

-Seattle Lori

Lime Chicken Stuffed With Goat Cheese

"This was excellent! Very sophisticated flavour that would be perfect for a dinner party. I wasn't able to baste every 15 mins, but I did it at least every half hour. I roasted it for a good 2 1/2 hours and the meat was very moist and fell off the bone. I didn't make a gravy and it definitely did not need one. This skin over the breast was amazing. This is a definite keeper."


Chicken Stuffed With Bacon & Cheese

"This was incredibly tasty! I used a combination of feta and goat cheeses — we like that flavor. We will be eating this again!”


Chicken-Stuffed Portabella Mushrooms

“This was so lovely! I was super lazy and used canned chicken and all dried seasonings. I also added some chopped zucchini. Cooking times were right on. I would probably add more salt next time, and precook my veggies to bring out the garlic a bit more. Maybe some fresh tomatoes, too.”


Stuffed Tomatoes With Chicken & Feta

"I made this last night, and it was awesome! I followed the recipe almost to a ’T.’ However, I added fresh chopped mushrooms and did not add the extra salt. I cannot wait for my tomatoes to ripen in the garden. This is going to be an awesome summer dish that I will make often!”


Garlic, Chicken & Zucchini Stir Fry

"Wow! This was surprisingly great! I cut the zucchini in half lengthwise and sliced it and the carrot within seconds in the food processor. Very simple and ready to eat in less than 30 minutes. I will be adding this as a weekday regular — cheap, easy and, most importantly, healthy!"

-Abba Gimel

Almond & Tarragon Chicken Salad

"Wow! I'm thrilled that I stumbled upon your recipe. I've always been an avid Publix shopper, and it wasn't until I was recently on vacation in Pensacola that I discovered their almond tarragon chicken salad. I made this recipe tonight and I'm completely amazed at how similar the taste is.”


Persian-Style Grilled Chicken

“This is delicious. It has a nice, authentic Persian flavor. I used a pound of chicken breasts cut into chunks and then added dashes of garlic and onion powders to the marinade. Instead of putting the minced onion into the marinade, I cut up a red onion and alternated pieces of onion with the chicken on skewers and grilled it that way.”


Mermaid's Tender Roast Chicken

“Perfect roast chicken — crispy skin, tender meat and very well seasoned.”