16 CSA Ingredients That Will Brighten Up Summer

Genius Kitchen's Cyber CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) is a place where you can get familiar with seasonal flavors and find inspired recipes. Think of this as your in-season shopping list, guiding you through your farm-fresh produce boxes and your grocery store finds. Seasonal cooking is demystified, one ingredient at a time.

Summer Squash

Squash harvested at the peak of summer has thin skin that makes it really easy to work with. Try this easy casserole or make it into a quick saute.


Fresh strawberries might be the most anticipated produce of the summer. Enjoy them on their own, or in one of these sweet concoctions.


You can use both the root and the stalk on beets, making them an ideal no-waste veggie. Add them to a salad or bake them in the oven for a sweet treat.


Avocados are especially delicious in the summer months. Their soft texture lends the perfect creaminess to salsa, but it's also a hearty sandwich stuffer.


This might be the ultimate refreshing fruit of the summer. Whether you eat it on its own or off the grill, it never disappoints.


Eating fresh sweet corn just screams summer. Toss it on the grill and steam it inside its husk, add it into a soup or fix up a batch of cornbread.


Sinking your teeth into a sweet peach is an undeniable pleasure of the warmer months, but they're also notorious for transforming pies and other baked goods.


Whether you like them sweet, sour or somewhere in between, cherries will brighten up any dish. Tarts and quick breads soak up their flavor and make epic summer desserts.


Blueberry recipes don't stop at cobbler and fruit salad. They also lend their tangy flavor well to turnovers, pies and grain salads.


At its peak near the end of the summer, eggplant is flavorful right off the grill with a splash of oil and salt. Did we mention eggplant parm?


Because of their high water content, cucumbers are an ideal food to eat when it's hot out and you're in need of hydration. Not to mention, their cool crunch is irresistible.


Don't let this fruit scare you — with just a little effort, you can have it prepped and ready to take you to the tropics. Pineapples with dinner? Check. Pineapples with dessert? Check.


Summer isn't complete without a bounty of sweet, juicy tomatoes. How about plump tomatoes stuffed with herby rice and cheese?


The sweetness of a fresh fig is hard to replicate, so stock up on these little guys and add them to a salad, or serve roasted and wrapped in prosciutto.

Green Beans

Green beans, string beans, haricots verts — it doesn't matter what you call them, they're just as versatile as their names. Fix them up as a simple side on their own, or use them as a veggie base for a stir-fry.

Swiss Chard

Grab the most-vibrantly colored chard at the farmers market and use it in place of your usual greens. We love it in a frittata or stir-fried with a protein.