14 CSA Ingredients to Cozy Up to This Fall

Genius Kitchen's Cyber CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) is a place where you can get familiar with seasonal flavors and find inspired recipes. Think of this as your in-season shopping list, guiding you through your farm-fresh produce boxes and your grocery store finds. Seasonal cooking is demystified, one ingredient at a time.


This common vegetable has gotten a huge makeover in recent years, making its way into pizza crusts and even grilled cheese. Let its true flavor shine by roasting it with curry powder or sprinkling it with parmesan cheese.


When you're not drinking them in the form of wine, or eating them whole out of the freezer (try it!), you can use them to liven up your usual chicken dinner. Want something sweet? Whip up an easy, creamy grape salad.


Carrots are a very family-friendly veggie, lending themselves well to sweets and savory dishes alike. They're also an easy way to add some vitamins into whatever you're making, like burger patties!

Brussels Sprouts

Besides looking like adorable baby cabbages, Brussels sprouts are a versatile veggie you can pair with almost any dinner. Glazed with vinegar in a saute pan, they make an easy side or snack.


These tender morsels infuse tons of earthiness into anything they're added to, but the flavors really develop when you roast them or simmer them in a soup.

Butternut Squash

This gourd is similar to pumpkin, with a creamier texture when cooked down. It's ideal for soups and stews, but also can be mashed or roasted whole.


As the quintessential fall ingredient, you're definitely not going to have trouble finding an apple variety you love. Add them to classic apple crisp or give your favorite salad a little makeover.


Similar to carrots but with a heartier texture, parsnips can be used just like any other root vegetable. Puree them into mock mashed potatoes or simmer them in an autumn soup.


Although it's a supermarket staple all year round, you'll find the freshest florets in the fall. This easy, cheesy casserole will keep you warm all season long.


Shallots are similar to onions, but have a more mild flavor. They're great for baking, adding their own unique sweetness. But really, you could use them in place of onions in almost any recipe.


Reach for this close cousin of the apple when you need a fruit that'll hold up well in the oven. They're especially delicious in French favorites like clafouti.


Skip the canned cranberry sauce this year and experiment a bit with this fall fruit. Its tart flavor works surprisingly well in savory dishes!

Sweet Potatoes

Healthier than a russet, more flavorful than a pumpkin, sweet potatoes should always have a place in your pantry.


While you choose pumpkins to carve this fall, pick up an extra to add to the dinner menu. Once you break it down, you can use it to flavor a risotto or even make pumpkin bread.