14 CSA Ingredients That Will Change How You Eat This Winter

Genius Kitchen's Cyber CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) is a place where you can get familiar with seasonal flavors and find inspired recipes. Think of this as your in-season shopping list, guiding you through your farm-fresh produce boxes and your grocery store finds. Seasonal cooking demystified, one ingredient at a time.


Pomegranate's sweet, tart flavors are worth the extra effort of removing the inedible rind. Not to mention their juicy, jewel-toned seeds pair perfectly with classic Middle Eastern dishes.


Grapefruits, known for their sweet and sour flavors, are great additions to brighten your dish. Slice a grapefruit for a topping or juice it to make a vinaigrette.


Kale is a hearty green that can survive during the winter season; in fact, it tastes better during winter. It's good in salad, but it's even better in soup!


Sweet with a hint of spice, persimmons should be your favorite winter fruits. Their jewel-toned flesh is delicious as is, but it's especially flavorful in desserts.


Fennel, packed with vitamins and minerals, is one of the winter superfoods. Despite uncooked fennel's mild licorice flavor, when baked or cooked, it adds sweet and herbaceous flavors to a dish.


Thanks to cauliflower's mild and delicate taste, it can easily take on any flavor. Use it to make a healthy version of fried rice or mashed potatoes.

Collard Greens

Collard greens tend to be sweeter and more flavorful during the winter season. Make soups, saute the greens and more — these delicious recipes offer exciting ways to enjoy this winter produce.


Broccoli is in its peak during the cold season, even though it's available year-round. Cook it with bold flavors like curry and lemon to enjoy great broccoli flavors.


Similar to but sweeter than carrots, parsnips are great vegetables to enjoy during winter. Roasted, mashed or even fried, they can be enjoyed many ways.

Winter Squash

There is nothing that screams winter season like winter squash. Their buttery, tender flesh is delicious when roasted or paired with cheesy Parmesan.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are delicious baked, but they are also delicious when used in soup or main dishes like quiche.

Brussels Sprouts

Famous for their robust flavors when roasted, Brussels sprouts are at their peak during the cold season. Try them raw in a slaw for a nice change.


Available only during the winter season, turnips, if not already, should be on your winter dinner table. Enjoy their mild and earthy flavors fried, baked or even mashed.

Blood Orange

Vibrant in color, blood oranges are great winter citrus. They add a nice zing to your chicken dinner.