29 Best Yellow Squash Recipes for Summer

If any vegetable embodies the saying “when it rains, it pours,” it would have to be yellow squash during the summer months. This close cousin to zucchini always seems to provide abundant harvests, and many home cooks get tired of it after a while. Thankfully, we have some of the best yellow squash recipes right here so that you’ll never get bored of this sunshine-colored veggie.

Bev's Sauteed Yellow Squash

“We loved the buttery taste the squash gets. It gets cooked, but not too soft. This is a simple basic recipe with a minimum of ingredients, yet it could be on the most elegant table!”


Grilled Yellow Squash & Zucchini

"One thing I’ve learned about summer squash is that it helps to allow it to weep. It makes the squash not so soggy. Spread the slices on paper towel and salt both side. Allow to weep moisture for half an hour or so.”

-Sharon S.

Fried Yellow Squash

"The flour double dip is the secret. The coating was perfect!”

-Beth G.

Stuffed Yellow Squash

"Great summer side dish with pork loin!"

-Forrest m.

Roasted Yellow Squash

"Sometimes the simplest dishes are the best! Loved the contrast in colors between the squash and the spinach. This was perfect after a long work day — very little work involved with delicious results."


Posh Yellow Squash

“I had a bag of fresh yellow squash and wanted to try a new recipe. I liked that there was not bread or corn bread in it to make it heavy.“

-Bren in LR

Sauteed Yellow Squash and Spinach

"I love sautéed yellow squash with sweet onions and sautéed spinach with garlic, but this was the first time that I combined the two. A delicious vegetable combination."

-Garden Gate Kate

Yellow Squash & Stuffing Casserole

“This was amazing! Took very little prep time and my son loved it too! A permanent addition to our recipe book!”


Cheesy Yellow Squash

"Really enjoyed this dish — made it as a side dish with a roast. Will be sure to make it again!"


Lemon Yellow Squash

“Last night we tried this recipe. We loved it! I cut the squash into quarters instead of slicing them, but otherwise made as posted.”

-Sara 76

Stir-Fried Parmesan Yellow Squash

"Very nice way to have yellow squash. This is different than how I usually do these; now I have a variety!"


Sauteed Yellow Squash & Tomatoes

"A really great (and easy) side dish. I made this as written.”


Yellow Squash & Spinach Casserole

"I made this recipe but used about half the spinach and substituted 12 ounces of quartered white mushrooms for the other half. It was delicious and I am sure I will be making it again."


Roasted Red Bell Pepper & Yellow Squash

“It was too hot to roast the veggies so I pan fried them instead in olive oil and they were fantastic. Nice combination and so simple.”


Fiesta Yellow Squash

"Simple and delicious! I used margarine and we loved it."

-ABQ Kat

Steamed Yellow Squash With Vidalia Onions

"For more years than I can count, I've made this but cooked the squash in the pan with the onion. It is at a high risk to get overdone quickly. Steaming it, then adding to the softened onions is the perfect answer for this.”


Southern Yellow Squash with Onions

"A fantastic southern side dish. Bacon and yellow crookneck squash absolutely have to go together. This was so good. It was so very easy to make and the flavor is so good.”

-Miss Annie

Grilled Zucchini & Yellow Squash

“This was really tasty. I made as stated. This was easy to assemble and cook, too.”


Aunt Fanny's Baked Yellow Squash

“I was looking for a new easy way to prepare squash and found the perfect recipe here. Delicious!”


Cheesy Fried Yellow Squash

“Very simple to make, but we loved it. I made it exactly as written other than I didn't measure the salt, pepper or onion powder; I just shook it on. We all enjoyed this.”


Smothered Yellow Squash With Basil

“Oh yeah! This one is going into the cookbook! Took a chance with the first two yellow squash of the season, and my hubby ‘yummed’ all the way through!”

-MacGuyver of the Ki

Yellow Squash & Snow Peas

"I added a little garlic and onion to the olive oil and sautéed them before adding the snow peas and yellow squash. Delicious! I took the leftovers to work the next day to warm in the microwave for lunch. Everyone commented how good the dish looked!"

-MN Kiss the Cook

Yellow Squash With Peanuts

"I truly loved this! The combination of peanuts and squash was not something I'd thought of before, but it was really good. The brown sugar complements the saltiness of the peanuts.”


Yellow Squash & Rice Gratin

"Different, delicious squash casserole. Served with pork chops. Yum. I reduced parsley to about two teaspoons. Half cup seemed like an awful lot."

-Sassy J

Yellow Squash & Corn Sauté

"I loved this veggie side dish! I didn't bother with cooking my corn. I just shaved it off the cob and threw it in a few minutes earlier than directed. The squash, corn, and butter combination was so yummy!”


Beer-Battered Yellow Squash

“I really like a crisp coating for my fried squash. I have had others and have been disappointed. Here are a few tricks I have learned to have a good outcome! It is so simple.”


Zucchini & Yellow Squash With Quinoa

“This was really good. I've been looking for a way to get more whole grains into our diet and this is a delicious way to do it.”

-Cooking Mom of 7

Low Country Zucchini & Yellow Squash

"Delicious way to fix zucchini — everyone loved it, especially my husband. This recipe is a keeper. Will be making this a lot when squash is plentiful out of the garden."

-Barb G.

Sunday Zucchini & Yellow Squash

"This is good country cooking right here in this recipe! I brought it as a side for my brother's memorial yesterday to share with my family and everyone loved it. Who said you have to cook modern to have a great tasting meal? Simple, tasty, uncomplicated with terrific results.”