PART OF Mother's Day

10 Special Mother's Day Menus

From an elegant brunch to an over-the-top dream dinner, Mom will feel like a queen when served any of these special menus tailored just for her.

Hearty Brunch Menu

This menu touches on many cuisines: Mexican enchiladas, French crepes and down-home American biscuits and gravy!

Lobster Dinner Menu

"My husband Mike is making the meal for us on Mother's Day and most of the meal is made on the grill! I'm so lucky!"

-katie in the UP

BBQ Dinner Menu

Who says dads are the only ones who love to grill? Bonus: There are three desserts served on this menu. Yes, please!

Classic Brunch Menu

"This brunch was truly elegant, fresh and delicious. I loved it all!"


Brunch & Lunch Menu

This impressive and extensive brunch menu isn't just for one meal — it's for an all-day eating affair!

Dreamy Dinner Menu

"If only we never had to worry about fat, calories and dirty dishes! Well, one can dream!"


Elegant Dinner Menu

"If I could have any meal prepared for me by my menfolk, this is my 'dream' menu!"


All-Out Dinner Menu

Sticky-sweet ribs, a sensational salmon dish, plus fruity white sangria to wash it all down? A very Happy Mother's Day, indeed!

Easy Dinner Menu

This menu is full of both mom- and kid-pleaser dishes, guaranteeing Mom the extra gift of watching her kids polish off their plates!

Make-Ahead Brunch Menu

"This is a delicious Mother's Day brunch with several recipes that can be made ahead of time."