PART OF Valentine's Day

8 Valentine's Day Dinner Menus

No matter what your sweetheart likes to eat, we've got the perfect main, side and dessert combo to wow them.

Roast Chicken Dinner

Roast chicken always looks fancy without requiring too much effort. Serve it alongside garlic potatoes and finish off with an easy chocolate cake.

Pork Dinner

This pork roast is as easy as fixing up a simple sauce, basting the pork and tossing it in the oven. It goes well alongside chunky garlic mashed potatoes. And who doesn't love individualized desserts?

Fancy Fish Dinner

Feeling more like a seafood dinner is in order? Try this baked cod with a Caesar salad on the side and pink champagne cake for dessert.

Steak Dinner

Give your better half a steakhouse dinner in a more romantic setting. This flat iron steak is foolproof, and you can't go wrong with twice-baked potatoes.

Vegetarian Dinner

Is your honey a vegetarian? Look no further than this mac and cheese. It's perfect paired with a simple veggie like roasted asparagus.

Small Bites Dinner

Sometimes a few appetizers and some candles are all you need for a night at home. Bacon-wrapped dates and baked apricot brie are easy to share. And, of course, finish off with a few chocolate-covered strawberries.

Pasta Dinner

A bowl of warm pasta will make almost anyone fall in love, so fix up a big batch of this spicy shrimp number with a simple salad and creme brulee.

Pizza Dinner

Create unstoppable romance with this one-course feast.