41 Best Meatloaf Recipes

Nothing says comfort food quite like a homemade meatloaf. Our round-up of stellar recipes will help you make this all-American classic the star of any dinner plate.

Great Meatloaf

Putting it's saucy competitors to shame, this recipe nails the perfect glaze with a winning combo of salty vinegar and sweet brown sugar.

Cheddar Meatloaf

What could be better than pairing the ultimate comfort food with heaping globs of melted cheddar cheese? Well...nothing, of course.

Stuffed Buffalo Chicken Meatloaf

"All of the taste of buffalo chicken wings in a meatloaf. It goes together quickly, and we really enjoyed it."


Turkey Meatloaf

Can't handle the meat sweats? Lighten up your loaf without losing any flavor by swapping ground beef with turkey.

Lil' Cheddar Meatloaves

"Wow, these were awesome! My family loved it. They turned out excellent. The sauce is wonderful, I never thought to use brown sugar with the ketchup."


Bacon Wrapped Meatloaf

“This is the most moist yummy meatloaf you will ever have.”

-Davina Cook Master

Bison Meat Loaf

"I love a really flavorful meatloaf - generally I make mine with ground turkey. I found this recipe and was very pleasantly surprised that the meatloaf was not dry when it was done, as has been my experience with bison in the past. It was very tasty served with some brown mustard."


Marvelous Mini Meatloaves

"This is great! The stuffing gives it such a great flavor. I loved both the Italian and Fiesta versions, but I loved the Fiesta one a teeny bit more. :)"

-Beth Brady.

Taco Meatloaf

This meatloaf is bursting with Mexican flavors and is extra delicious when served alongside tortillas or rice and beans.

Sweet & Spicy Sambal Meatloaf

This meatloaf, inspired by the flavors of Southeast Asia, gets its umami flavor from soy sauce, hoisin, scallions and a small kick of sambal oelek.

Bacon Cheeseburger Meatloaf

All the flavors of a savory bacon cheeseburger packed into a meatloaf.

Chicken Parm Meatloaf

Bye-bye, dry chicken meatloaf! This one is smothered with marinara sauce and covered with plenty of parmesan and crispy bread crumbs.

Pizza Meatloaf

Grab a slice of this mash-up between two favorites: classic meatloaf and pepperoni pizza.

Barbecue Meatloaf

Boldly-flavored meatloaf packed with barbecue sauce, brown sugar, vinegar and all the fixin's.

Mac & Cheese Meatloaf

Looking for a creative spin on this all-American meal? Combining two comfort food favorites will secure a win at any dinner table.

Best Ever Meatloaf

A united front of carrots and molten cheese make this moist meatloaf a force to be reckoned with.

Three-Servings Meatloaf

It's impossible to resist a second or third helping when your meatloaf is this moist, flavorful and easy to make.

Classic Meatloaf

A blend of zesty spices and a simple glaze gives this meatloaf the classic flavor you crave.

Spicy Meatloaf

Heat-enthusiasts rejoice! Spicy salsa gives this loaf a blast of mouth-tingling Mexican flavors.

Quick & Easy Meatloaf

Swap breadcrumbs for crushed saltines to give this under-an-hour loaf a secret-ingredient upgrade.

Honey Garlic Mini Meatloaves

"This was a very nice change from other ground beef recipes. Substituted celery for water chestnuts as I was out & worked out fine. The sauce is excellent! Everything went together easily and I recommend to experienced and beginning cooks/chefs. Thanks for sharing!"

-Southern Lady

Slow-Cooker Meatloaf

Five pantry-friendly ingredients and a slow-cooker are all you need to complete this hands-free meatloaf.

Cottage Cheese Roast (Vegetarian Meatloaf)

"First let me say that I AM NOT a vegetarian, but this is a really great tasting vegetarian loaf!! Absolutely outstanding flavor, moist and just as good if not better than any meat loaf I've ever made! You can be sure I'll be making this again and again."

-Miss Annie in Indy

Copycat Meatloaf

This restaurant replica proves that a healthy, homemade meal always beats a drive-thru dinner.

Mushroom Soup Meatloaf

"Excellent blend of flavors! I used cream of mushroom soup and it was so good. I just threw out my old meat loaf recipe and replaced it with this one. "

-Bitty Buns

Really Great Meatloaf!

"I have been looking for a great meatloaf recipe for years and have finally found it! The whole family loved it and it is now a regular on our menus."

-foodjunkie 2

Turkey Meatloaf

"This is absolutely delicious! I made mine into 5 - 1 lb. meatloaves."


Mexican Meatloaf

"Loved the flavors in the meat. I could really taste the cumin and chili. Didn't have much for tortilla chips so used some bread crumbs too. Served with cilantro rice, refried beans and cornbread."

-adopt a greyhound

Meatloaf With Pineapple Topping

"Oh my goodness, this is THE best meatloaf with pineapple topping recipe EVER! I will always use this recipe, whether or not I use the pineapple topping as it's easy to omit the pineapple topping and just throw on ketchup- But trust me, the pineapple topping makes the meatloaf to die for!!! The recipe is perfection at its finest; no need for changes."


Easy Old Fashioned Meatloaf

"This is the recipe I grew up with too. From grandma to mom to me. This recipe is delicious!! And so easy peasy. You can't mess it up."


Venison Meatloaf

"I'm always trying to find different ways to use our venison and this recipe will be one we'll be using often!! We didn't have evaporated milk so I used 2/3 cup of 2% milk and 1/3 cup of half & half, otherwise I followed the recipe exactly. Super yummy!"


Milagro Meatloaf

"This was an excellent moist meatloaf with great flavour. DH loved it and he usually hates my meatloaf. "


Quaker Oats Meatloaf

"This was the original meatloaf recipe on the box. For a topping, mix 1 cup catsup with 1/2 cup honey and pour over top of the meatloaf before baking. I did this at first to get my kids to eat it, but now everyone always wants me to make it this way."


Rosemary Meatloaf

"I was completely impressed with this recipe. I don't generally like meatloaf so when I stumbled across this recipe that was not remotely greasy, very tender and wonderfully flavourful I know that it will become a family staple."

-Myrna in London

Turkey Meatloaf

"Loved it, how it was. The only thing I did different was to add chopped up bell peppers and didn't add the bacon. Simple, easy go to recipe! Not to mention I have tried several on the husband and this was the first one he said was a keeper! It was very moist, had great flavor. I used Sweet baby rays BBQ sauce. Thanks!"


Easy Pleasing Meatloaf

"Two of my grandsons always request this meatloaf. It is simple and not full of a lot of ingredients. I always use pork stuffing, I really like the flavor it gives. I often skip the BBQ sauce and bake it with potatoes and carrots, covered with a package of gravy mix. Very good."


The Best Amish Meatloaf Recipe

"YUM! The reviewer who said it had great texture is what made me decide to try this recipe - texture is a big deal for me. This meatloaf came out perfectly, firm and very tasty!"

-The Frugal Cheflady

Souperior Meatloaf

"This is my favorite meatloaf. I've tried a zillion other recipes thinking that I should make a meatloaf that has a better pedigree than being from the back of a soup mix box. But the truth is, this is the taste I like. I've tried others but I always come back to this one."


Awesome and Simple Italian Garlicky Meatloaf

"I have made this meatloaf several times now, and we just love it. I generally do not even like meatloaf, but my Hubbs does, so I decided to give this one a try. It is wonderful!"


Cranberry & Turkey Meatloaf

"One of our favorite holiday recipes. I change it a tiny bit to accommodate our leftovers...I leave out the milk/water and use 1 cup of leftover HOMEMADE whole cranberry sauce. It makes this recipe over-the-top delicious."


Meatloaf Muffins With Stove Top Stuffing

"Excellent meatloaf with the addition of 2 Tbsp of Ketchup and 1 Tbsp of Worcestershire Sauce. Two of my kids who normally do not like meatloaf had seconds. My other kid who normally likes meatloaf, but never tasted this recipe had thirds raving it was the best meatloaf he has ever had. Will definitely make again!"

-Lance and Genna