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34 Do-You-Dare Spicy Recipes

Can you take the heat? Then get into the kitchen. Whether you like it mild or hot, these sizzling recipes (shown from mild to extreme) are sure to test your tolerance.

Jalapeno: Jelly

"This jalapeno jelly came out great! I didn't want it too spicy, so I left out the jalapeno seeds."


Try It In: Cheddar Cheese Bread

"The bread is very cheesy, and there are molten jalapeno pieces throughout. It is a little spicy and a lot delicious."


And Then Make: Spicy Salmon Fillets

"I increased the amount of jalapenos and it was the perfect amount of heat and sweet!"


Ancho Chiles: Citrus Ketchup

Bring the fire to this crimson condiment by adding some spicy ancho chiles.

Try It In: Chicken Tacos

"These tacos are simple and spicy. The ancho-chiles-and-spice combo adds a lovely smoky flavor."

-French Tart

And Then Make: Chicken Enchiladas

"I blended the chiles by hand, and when I touched my skin it caught on fire! Luckily, the final product turned out great with just the right amount of heat."


Cayenne: Frank's Red-Hot Copycat

"This sauce is hot! People could hear my screams all the way from Texas."


Try It In: NY-Style Buffalo Wings

Whether you like them hot, medium or mild, Buffalo wings are a staple for any spice enthusiast.

And Then Make: Cajun Chili

"This chili is definitely not for the timid of tongue. We have a very high tolerance for spicy food but even we were feeling the heat by the end of dinner."


Chipotle: Spicy Aioli

"The chipotles are hot enough to trigger hot flashes!"


Try It In: Pork Roast

"I used only one chipotle pepper, because I'm a spice wimp. It still had a great combination of sweet and hot flavors."


And Then Make: Coleslaw

"If you don't like spicy food, go easy on the chipotle pepper. I love this recipe, and I am not even a big coleslaw fan."

-Chef #1102889

Harissa: Moroccan Hot Sauce

"Not only is this sauce spicy, it is also extremely flavorful. I am a hot-and-spicy devotee, and this recipe is top-notch."


Try It In: Safari Pizza

"This pizza is spicy, flavorful and unique! I spread the harissa over the crust just like pizza sauce."


And Then Make: Prawn Stew

"This was pretty spicy for us, but that's not a flaw. I loved the mouth-feel of the sauce and couscous."

-Lavender Lynn

Anaheim Chiles: Hot-Pepper Sauce

"This sauce is spicy and hot. I knew that it was way too hot for my kids to eat so I had to wait until they were out with friends to enjoy it."


Try It In: Chile Sirloin Burgers

"This is a great burger with a chile-induced kick to the taste buds."


And Then Make: Posole Stew

"This stew is deliciously spicy! It warmed me right up on a cold, dreary night."


Serrano Chilies: Mexican Salsa

"I love extra-spicy salsa! The chiles give this dip a nice zing, providing that slow burn that is important in a salsa."


Try It In: Aztec Guacamole

"The spiciness and tanginess of this guacamole make it go great with tortilla chips and tacos. It is the best I have ever made!"


And Then Make: Peruvian Chicken

"The spice is what makes this such a great dish. The chicken has a really nice smoky flavor!"

-Susie D

Sambal Oelek: Copycat Hot Sauce

"Whew! This stuff is no joke. It's hot, sweet, a little tangy and absolutely delicious."


Try It In: Calamari

The sambal oelek coating on this calamari is made with red chiles and adds a serious kick to the classic seafood dish.

And Then Make: Sesame Noodles

"The noodles are even spicier when eaten hot. The heat of the spice mellows as the noodles cool. The dish is very good!"


Tabasco: Spicy Mayonnaise

A little bit of Tabasco sauce goes a long way. It may seem like the mayo in this dip would combat the heat, but don�t be fooled.

Try It In: Cheddar Biscuits

"I added even a few more drops of Tabasco to the dough. The cheese, hot sauce and buttermilk complemented each other perfectly."

-Baby Kato

And Then Make: Buffalo Chicken Wraps

This spicy wrap is perfect for lunchtime on the go, but only if you have a fire extinguisher on hand.

Sriracha: Hot-Sauce Copycat

"This sauce has the perfect blend of spicy Thai chiles and garlic. The flavor makes every drop of sweat worth it."


Try It In: Glazed Brussels Sprouts

"These Brussels sprouts are spicy-hot deliciousness! The added kick of heat from the Sriracha is delightful."


And Then Make: Grilled Garlic Bread

Some say that eating bread is a good way to put a spice fire out. What�s the cure when the bread is slathered in Sriracha? There isn�t one.

Habanero: BBQ Sauce

"This sauce is perfect when you�re craving something spicy. Wear gloves when handling the habanero peppers or your fingers will burn for a long time!"


Try It In: Hellfire Chili

"After eating this chili several times, my friends and I have decided that even a can of beer won't cool the heat."

-Adam Wick

And Then Make: Seafood Salad

"The habanero dressing is superb! For anyone put off by the spiciness, seeding and boiling the peppers will help cut the heat."

-Peter J

Only If You Dare: Ghost Pepper Jelly

CAUTION! Ghost peppers are one of the hottest peppers in the world. This recipe is for big-dogs only. A ghost pepper is twice as hot as a habanero.