Spicy Chipotle Cole Slaw

"Adapted from one of Emeril's recipes, where he did an episode with "crazy tacos". We like to make this and serve it in the fish tacos. I don't use Emeril's fish taco recipe, though. Instead I serve with Recipe #232309. I've change the propotions a bit and added some extras like cilantro and carrots. I really like the onions. Update 6/6/07: I made this tonight and measured everything as I made it, so I've updated the amounts (usually I don't measure, but just eyeball it)."
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  • Make the dressing first. Combine the chipotle peppers, mayonnaise, honey and lime juice.
  • In another large bowl, combine the cabbages, onions and carrots. Drizzle the dressing over the top, sprinkle cilantro over the whole thing, and toss well to combine.
  • Season with salt and pepper as desired and chill until serving time.

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  1. This is excellent!! My husband and I LOVE spicy, so this was right up our alley. I halved the recipe, but upped the chipotle chillies. I think I used like 2 1/2 chopped up chillies. It was almost too spicy, but that's my fault...next time I'll scale it back a little, but not too much! My husband couldn't stop raving about it. Thanks so much for the easy, simple, and delicious recipe! Can't wait to share this with others.
  2. I found mayonnaise too rich the first time, so i did half lite mayo and half lite sour cream the second time. it was a much nicer balance (and healthier, too!). Also, the lime juice to honey ratio is a bit off -- a little more lime, a little less honey! Overall, a big hit!
  3. We love this recipe! I am not a big cole slaw fan either. It is great with an easy meal of tostadas topped with refried beans & cheese melted on top after a few minutes in the oven. Top it with this cole slaw and it is hard to stop eating them! If you don't want it too spicy then go easy on the Chipotle pepper. I keep the leftover pepper in a container in my fridge for the next several times, a small can goes a long ways.
  4. I took one bite and had to put it in the trash. It was way too spicy, but with that aside, the flavor was just very unappetizing. My husband thought it was just okay. To make it easier, instead of trying to finely chop the chiles, I'd put all of the sauce ingredients in a blender or food processor.
  5. This is a nice switch from the usual cole slaw. I liked the touch of chipotle!


  1. This was a great topping for Recipe #232309. I used a bag of mixed slaw and used a bit of sugar instead of the honey. I made it spicy with 2 t of chipotle even though I used just 2 cups of slaw. Thanks for sharing!


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