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17 Wanderlust-Worthy Comfort Foods

We're all familiar with mac and cheese cravings - they're unavoidable. But we're certain these global comforts will leave you lusting after steaming bowls of potato soup, slathered fries, Spanish tortillas and more.

Australia: Sausage Rolls

"We are slightly obsessed with sausage rolls in my house, especially homemade ones, so these were total treat!"


Canada: Poutine

Cheese curds and gravy and fries! Oh, my! This dish is perfect for snacking or late-night indulging — or anytime, really.

Colombia: Ajiaco

"I absolutely loved this soup. Although there are very simple ingredients in the soup, it's packed with a lot of flavor. Definitely making this again soon!"

-Jonathan Melendez

Ecuador: Ceviche

"This is the stuff dreams are made of. I love ceviche, and this is one of the best shrimp ceviches I have ever tried."


France: Tartiflette

"The ultimate potato recipe — 5 stars from everyone in my family. This one is going in my permanent cookbook!"


Georgia: Khachapuri

"A variant from Imereti, a region in Georgia, this dish is really easy to make and so good. Be sure to make it right before serving to experience the full flavor and texture!"


Holland: Bitterballen

Bite-sized veal croquettes are a Dutch staple, fit right in by serving these breaded beauties with mustard and beer.

India: Curd Rice

"This was so good! I ordered all the seasonings from Amazon since I'd never used them before, and it was a success."

-Diana Johnson ||

Iran: Halim

If you're looking for a dish that delicately balances on the line of porridge and puree, this is the dish for you. It's a wonderful option for breakfast and very late nights.

Israel: Hummus

"Topped with paprika, dill and parsley, this was so perfect for an easy dinner spread with pita, carrot sticks, olives and feta."

-Diana Johnson ||

Italy: Cacio E Pepe

"My family could not get enough of this; we loved it! I'll make this over and over — very easy!"


Japan: Ramen

"Normally, ramen stock is made with many ingredients, but this simplified ramen using only chicken stock was very satisfying and very simple to make."


Mexico: Carnitas

"I've been cooking this recipe for about a year and a half now. It's still just as good as ever."


Poland: Pierogis

"I LOVE PIEROGIS! They are one of my favorite dishes! I eat them as my main meal all the time!"

- ~*Miss Diggy*~

Spain: Tortilla

"A New York Times-featured chef said this was his favorite food, and I am making it for the fifth time — it has become a favorite of ours too."

-D J

Sweden: Pyttipanna

When pantry staples and leftovers turn into a stunning dish perfect for any meal of the day, you know you have this Scandinavian winner on your hands.

England: Fish & Chips

"Excellent batter!! I have made this a number of times, using it to batter both fish and chicken. It turns out perfect every time, and it's delicious."