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48 Comforting Chicken Dinners

Get the coziness of comfort food and the convenience of a chicken dinner with these weeknight wonders.

Easy Roast Chicken Dinner

"Excellent! I'm always looking for different ways to cook with boneless, skinless chicken breasts. This recipe gives the feel of a slow roasted full chicken meal with all the fixings."


Three-Cup Chicken

"A ten-star recipe! Outstanding flavor, spiciness and tenderness — can't say enough good things about this entree."


Ranch-Parmesan Chicken

"I baked this on a cooling rack on top of foil lined cookie sheet. The chicken had a wonderful flavor and I will definitely add it to my rotation!"


Incredible Oven-Fried Chicken

"This chicken is so good; it's like having fried chicken without all the added calories! Will definitely keep this on my weekly rotation. It's easy and delicious. The whole family enjoyed!"


Olive Garden's Tuscan Garlic Chicken

"I'm newly retired and just beginning to spend more time on cooking. I felt like Julie and Julia when preparing this recipe and loved the rave compliments I received from my better half."


Garlic & Basil Chicken Pasta With Alfredo Sauce

“This is a French dish and it’s probably one of the best pasta recipes I have. It takes a fair bit of time, but the prep and cook time may differ for you.”

-Miranda L.

Italian Chicken

"I can't get over how much I enjoyed this simple chicken dish! I used freshly grated parmesan, and dipped the chicken in melted butter instead of margarine."



“I created this recipe on a day I needed to use up some leftover fresh green beans and zucchini. Even our pickiest eaters ate it and asked for more! It’s practically endless in its flexibility. You can make a lot of changes to this recipe according to what you have on hand.”


Air Fryer Chicken Parm

"A great take on a healthier version of a classic! It was super easy to make in the air fryer. Highly recommend to anyone!"

-Jonathan Melendez

Chicken Cordon Bleu

"Wonderful. Brought this for dinner at my parents' house. My dad LOVES chicken cordon bleu and said this one was just perfect."


Everything Chicken Alfredo

Take everything bagel seasoning and use it to amp up classic chicken Alfredo pasta.

Baked Chicken

"Yummy chicken. Tender and moist on the inside and crispy on the outside. Simple and good!"


Instant Pot Bourbon BBQ Chicken

"One of the best instant pot chicken recipes out there! I made a big batch and kept it in the fridge for different recipes throughout the week!"

-Jonathan Melendez

Fried Chicken

"Good stuff! Golden brown, crispy and great flavor!"

-Chef Ali L

Chicken Chow Mein

"I am so happy to finally be able to make an easy chicken chow mein at home that is so delicious!"

-Chirag P.

Artichoke & Chicken Bake

"I thought this was excellent! I used miracle whip instead of mayo because of the comments that the meal was rich. I also added spinach and mushrooms!"

-K James

Chicken Pot Pie

"This recipe is a definite keeper! I used frozen mixed veggies, fat-free half and half and refrigerated pie crusts. So easy!"


Basil Cream Chicken

"Fantastic! I actually made the sauce earlier in the day, and let it sit until it was time to reheat and mix together. Everyone raved!"


Teriyaki Chicken

"Loved this easy dinner recipe! Even when all the chicken was finished, the sauce was really delicious just served over rice. Would definitely make this again!"


Quick Chicken Marsala

The key to this classic Italian-American dish? Go for good-quality Marsala wine. And for a quick thickener fix, add some extra flour to the sauce.

Indian Butter Chicken

"This was, hands-down, the very very best butter chicken recipe we've tried."

-James K.

Instant Pot Orange Chicken

Fresh and flavorful, this one-pot recipe is sure to be a hit.

Easy Creamy Sour Cream Chicken Casserole

"Yum, this is a down-home, kick-up your heels, and enjoy the evening kinda dish."

-Andi Longmeadow Farm

Chicken Scarpariello

"Very good!"


Foil Packet Southwestern Chicken

"This dish was really good! My roommates all loved it and were surprised at how easy it was to make! I cooked it all together and it was great."


Cheesy Chipotle Chicken

"Yum! I used chicken breast because that is what I had on hand, and the whole family loved it. This is a great recipe."

-Leanne Boyd

Oven-Baked Chicken Parmesan

"I made this for dinner tonight and it turned out fabulous! I served it alongside angel hair pasta."


Chicken with Laughing Cow Cheese

"This was really good! Some reviewers said that it was a little bland, so I made sure to season both sides of the chicken breasts with salt and pepper before assembling. It was delicious!"


Easiest Chicken Dinner Ever

"I have made it twice in a week — once for my daughter and then for me. I added a can of black beans to it. Great recipe!"


Chicken Fried Steak

"I made this for my family and they all loved it"

-Denise Morris

Chicken Tetrazzini

"The best chicken tetrazzini that I have ever eaten."


Chicken Lasagna

"Wow, what a treat! This was delicious."


Indian Kadai Chicken

"So tasty! It had a moderate heat level which satisfied my whole family's palate."


Chicken Parm Pizza

Oh. Snap. That's a pizza crust made out of chicken and spices. Top it with sauce, cheese and your favorite toppings to make dreams come true.

Funky Chicken With Sesame Noodles

"Made this last night and the chicken was fantastic! I sliced my chicken and marinated it overnight to save on time. It turned out wonderful!"

-Brandi Ranta

Sesame Chicken

"The sauce is exactly what you want when you want sesame chicken. In fact, it is so good, I think you could skip the frying and simply grill the marinated chicken and it would still be wonderful!"


Chicken Parm Biscuits

What's better than a warm buttermilk biscuit? A warm buttermilk biscuit that's filled with fried chicken and mozzarella, then brushed with garlic parmesan butter. You know you want to dip these bad boys into a pool of marinara sauce.

Deviled Chicken Thighs

"Bought a bunch of chicken thighs on sale and didn't know what to do with them. This recipe is wonderful and uses things I already have in my pantry. Didn't change a thing!"

-Grandpa Harry

Cranberry Chicken

"Wow what a great dish. I prepared this early in the morning and popped it in the oven later."


Chicken Parm Meatloaf

Just like classic meatloaf only totally different. This chicken meatloaf is topped with marinara sauce and parmesan, then dusted with crispy breadcrumbs.

Chicken Enchiladas

"Yummy! I lightened it up by using fat-free soup and low-fat sour cream and cheese."


Chicken Packets

"I've made this several times and it's great! I've used crescent rolls, I've made my own dough and wrapped them up and I've also made a pizza out of it. Fantastic!"


Garlic Panko Chicken Strips

"Delicious and so easy! I added some ground chipotle pepper powder to the butter mix and to the panko with wonderful results."


Red Wine Chicken Skillet

This rich, savory dinner is full of herbs and vegetables.

Hot Chicken

This signature Nashville fried chicken packs a spicy punch.

Chicken Dinner in a Bundt Pan

"This turned out great! The veggies had a rich flavor and the chicken itself was juicy."

-Outta Here

Chicken Pot Pie

"This was a great recipe for a weeknight, especially when you have cooked chicken breast on hand. I added a bit of chicken broth, some poultry seasoning and some sage. Delicious!"


Baked Balsamic Chicken

"This chicken smells wonderful when it is cooking and tastes even better when it's ready! And better yet, it does all this without packing in a lot of extra calories!"