10 Christmas Menu Ideas

Looking for inspiration for your holiday menu? Here are 10 deliciously different ways to celebrate this year.

UK Christmas Menu

Transport your family to the rambling English countryside this Christmas with a full British feast.

Slow-Cooker Christmas Menu

It's everyones favorite kitchen helper for a reason. Use your slow cooker to make Christmas a cinch this year.

Make-Ahead Christmas Menu

This Christmas, plan ahead like home cook Tish: Stock your freezer in advance with dishes that’ll come together easily on the day-of.

Elegantly Easy Christmas Menu

Wow your family and friends with these impressive dishes that are surprisingly simple to pull off.

Nordic Christmas Menu

Ready to break with tradition this Christmas? Go north for inspiration and serve up a Scandinavian-style menu.

Down-Home Christmas Menu

Christmas doesn't have to be fancy. With this savory laid-back menu, your guests are sure to go back for seconds — and maybe thirds.

Meat-Lovers' Christmas Menu

Carnivores can go whole hog on the big day with this meaty, marvelous holiday spread.

Healthy Christmas Menu

Don't feel like overdoing it this holiday? Stick to this healthy menu that’s diabetic-friendly.

Italian-Inspired Christmas Menu

Searching for something different to serve this Christmas? These Italian-tinged dishes will make it a memorable feast for sure.

BBQ Christmas Menu

Sometimes you just need to do the unexpected. Skip the turkey and throw down your Southern best with barbecued brisket for the holidays!