34 Slow-Cooker Soups & Stews

Enjoy these comforting soups and stews without all of the work. From creamy chowders to zesty chilis, these hands-free recipes are sure to hit the spot.

Clam Chowder

"This was so quick and easy to put together. The texture was nice and thick."


Herbed Slow-Cooker Lemon Chicken

"This is a delicious and simple dish that we enjoyed very much. The chicken was beautifully moist and fell off the bone. Great for an easy family meal, but could be tarted up for a dinner party."

-Amanda in Adelaide

Old-Fashioned Beef Stew

"Wonderful! I've been looking for a beef stew recipe for the Crock Pot, and this was just great. I didn't have tomato juice, so I used a can of diced tomatoes and a can of tomato sauce instead."


Savory Cheese Soup

"This was easily the best homemade soup I have ever made. It had the perfect consistency and great flavor, and was velvety in the mouth."


Cowboy Steak Chili

"We are avid campers and this chili recipe is now a staple of our camping trips. We make this in advance along with some jalapeño and cheese cornbread... Boom!"

-Scott L.

French Onion Soup

"This soup was very good and the slow-cooker made it so simple!"


Chicken Stew

"This has a delightful medley of flavors. It is truly a delicious stew recipe!"


Steak & Black Bean Chili

"This was a wonderful chili. Normally, I would much prefer ground beef in my chili, but not anymore!"

-Roxygirl in Colorado

Slow-Cooker Vegetable Soup

"This is an excellent recipe. I added extra broth and it tasted great."


Mama's Seafood Gumbo

"My mama makes the best gumbo I have ever tasted, and I haven't known anyone who didn't think this was the best!"

-Sunshine Forever

Split Pea Soup

"This was absolutely wonderful and so easy! The consistency was perfect."


Basic Vegetable Broth

"So easy to make! I roughly chopped all the veg which made prep really simple. I also included a few dried shiitake mushrooms for extra flavour."

-Izy Hossack

Chicken Chili

"This beautiful, rich chili was studded with corn and lovely chunks of peppers. The dish was well seasoned without being too spicy-hot."


Beef Stew

"We loved this! We needed comfort, and comfort it was."

-Andi of Longmeadow Farm

Potato & Corn Chowder

"We loved this chowder! The addition of the broth made it just right. The flavor was delicious."

-carole in orlando

Chicken & Vegetable Soup

"This could not have been easier! It is a great diet soup."

-Chef #434941

Potato & Dill Soup

"The aroma from the Crock-Pot bubbling away was almost more than we could stand. This has got to be the easiest slow-cooker soup I have ever made."

-Andi of Longmeadow Farm

Chicken & Barley Soup

"I love how light this soup was and how easy it was to make!"


Cheesy Potato Soup

"This soup was too easy and too delicious. We made it with some cornbread and my kids finished every last drop."


Italian Sausage Soup

"My family loved this soup! I needed to do something with frozen sausage and this was the perfect recipe."


Ginger-Chicken Noodle Soup

"This was outstanding! The flavors of the spices were great, and the soup had a nice kick to it."


Creamy Turkey Soup

"This is the best cream of turkey soup I've ever had. Slow-cooking it brought out the unique flavors of the turkey and also tenderized the meat."


Black Bean & Tortilla Soup

"I loved this soup and the crispy baked tortilla strip garnish!"


Goulash Stew

I had never had goulash before, but my husband grew up eating it. He loved this recipe as much as I did."


Beef & Bacon Soup

"This soup was hearty and easy to make. It came out fairly thick with a nice spicy flavor."

-Susie D

Chicken & Bean Soup

"This was an excellent and healthy soup! I added more cumin, which gave it a nice, husky flavor."

-Kenny Embry

Curried Lentil Soup

"I love this soup! It's not too thick or too runny. Partially pureeing the lentils gives the soup just the right texture."


Curried Butternut Squash & Apple Soup

"This soup was amazing. It had great flavors and consistency. I loved the curry and nutmeg!"

-Chef #647616

Chicken & Fennel Soup

"This is a fabulous soup. I love the variety of veggies and seasoned chicken."


Lamb & Barley Stew

"I absolutely loved this recipe! We served it with pickled red cabbage, which cut through the richness of the lamb perfectly."


Hoisin Beef Stew

"This stew was easy and so delicious! I served it over jasmine rice and garnished it with sliced green onions."

-bad kitty 1116

Tomato-Vegetable Soup

"This soup was very good, easy and healthy! It is a great way to eat your veggies."


Minestrone Soup

"I appreciated the easiness of making this in the Crock-Pot! It made for a wonderfully tasty lunch on a cold and dreary day."

-Sydney Mike

Weight Watchers Kielbasa & Bean Soup

"This was perfect for a cold winter dinner. We really enjoyed it!"