31 Over-the-Top Desserts That'll Make You Insta-Famous

Watch the likes pour in.

Krispy Treat Drip Cake

You've seen drip cakes all over the 'gram, but this one takes things to the next level with layers of krispy treats and vibrant ganache.

Unicorn Cake Truffles

We'd take all of our food in unicorn form if we could — especially these cake truffles sporting rainbow manes and gold horns.

Pusheen Cat Doughnuts

Not only do these guys slay any get-together you bring them to, they also come complete with their own mini donuts in hand.

Emoji Macarons

We're all about that #EmojiLife, and macarons are the perfect backdrop for them. Make 'em all the same or mix and match for some variety.

Galaxy Mirror Cake

The shiny sparkle icing this cake is sporting is no match for the magic that awaits inside. Surprise! All of your favorite candies.

Emoji Cat Sugar Cookies

Emoji cookies are the new conversation hearts.

Emoji Sprinkles

Now you can make literal heart eyes at someone.

Royal Crown Strawberry Pie

"This looks lovely! Too pretty to eat; but I would like to give it a try."

-Adrienne K.

Gin and Tonic Jelly Mold

This adult dessert is pure sophistication.

Lemon Rose Bundt Cake

Gorgeous *and* delicious.

Red Velvet Rose Whoopie Pies

Add some romance to this nostalgic dessert.

Brownie Terrarium

When edible art is this gorgeous, do you even want to eat it?

Cactus Meringues

The succulent trend is everywhere - even dessert.

Mini Crystal Cheesecakes

Create an art gallery on your dessert table.

Candy Crystals

This is the kind of edible gifts they will remember forever.

Princess Dress Cake Truffles

These gorgeous cake pops will take a birthday party to the next level.

Swirled Marshmallow Castles

Your next princess-themed party will be a dream.

Macaroon Pom Poms

These sweet desserts are colorful and fun.

Dulce De Leche Llama Cake

Add some South American flair to your next fiesta.

Narwhal Doughnuts

Could these sea-themed treats be any cuter?

Yeti Baked Alaska

It's the ultimate ice cream cake.

Peanut Butter Puzzle Fudge

These treats are a video game come to life.

Pixelated Slab Pie

Show some love to the gamer in your life.

Brownie Haunted House

This dessert is so good it's scary.

Monster Meringues

Make these for all the little monsters in your life.

Pumpkin Pie Petit Fours

This is a whole new take on a classic dessert.

Stuffed Crispy Treat Turkey

Who says the only turkey at Thanksgiving needs to be a real bird?

Red Velvet Elf Shake

Make this if sugar is your favorite.

Ugly Sweater Cookie Cake

There's nothing ugly about how good this tastes.

Pusheen Macarons

Sweet and adorable!

Pusheenicorn Cake Pops

Can you even eat something this cute?