PART OF Halloween

20 Leftover Halloween Candy Recipes

Saddled with tons of leftover Halloween candy? Pop the extras in your freezer for now, and then try one of these ingenious ideas for using up your stash later.

Butterfinger Ice Cream Shake

The combination of smooth ice cream and crunchy Butterfinger candy bars makes this shake a delicious treat.

Smarties Cheesecake Squares

"These were absolutely delicious! They were very simple to make, very colorful and very rich-tasting!"


M&M Rice Krispies Treats

"This is a great recipe. The vanilla and M&Ms make all the difference."


Snicker Bar Salad

"This is so yummy! I loved the flavor of the tart apples with the sweet candy bar, and the creamy mixture is amazing. We polished this off in a day."


Snicker Peanut Butter Cookies

"These are the most melt-in-your-mouth cookies I've ever tasted."

-Jen Madsen

Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Cheesecake

"This is a great cheesecake. I added the candy in the mix and then some more on top, and it turned out fabulous."

-Chef Debra #2

Milky Way Lover's Pound Cake

"This is a WONDERFUL cake. My cousin calls it the 'cake that made her sin.' It’s well worth the calories!"

-Chef #278214

Monster Cookies

"This is a perfect base recipe to play around with depending on what kind of candy you have."

-Serenity Baker

Deluxe Caramel Corn

"This was addictive! I used light corn syrup and light brown sugar and it looked exactly like the photo."


Twix & Banana Muffins

"These were HEAVENLY! This was a huge hit with the adults as well as the kids. This is a fabulous recipe."


Lemon Drop Candy Cookies

"These are outstanding cookies. I used Lemonheads, and my blender crushed them up quite efficiently."

-Maeve R

M&M Dream Bars

"These are delicious! Love how easy they are to make."


Almond Joy Brownies

"These are sinful! They’re really good (and really bad). I'll be making these again!"


Butterfinger Cookies

"These are always a hit with our guests. The recipe is easy and the cookies are delicious."


Perfectly Peppermint Brownies

"These are very good brownies. I really liked the mini Peppermint Patties in them. They are nice and moist, too."

-Marg (CaymanDesigns)

Wee Men

"These are super easy to make and everyone always enjoys them. Who can resist chocolate and marshmallow?"


Peanut Butter Cup Trifle

"This Peanut Butter Cup creation is heaven in a trifle bowl."


Skittles Vodka

"This is such a unique and fun recipe!"

-McKinley's Momma

Candy Corn Cookies

"The sweet-salty combo of these cookies is perfect. I also love the texture of the baked candy corn."


Candy Bar Croissant

"These croissants are so delicious. The chocolate center is nice and gooey."

-Aunt Paula