22 Homemade Halloween Candy Recipes for Trick or Treating

Delight trick-or-treaters with these Halloween candy recipes.

Monster Meringues

Transform simple, colored meringues into a family of monsters. Just use your imagination and some edible eyes!

Peanut Butter Pumpkins

"These are so good and so cute! Very easy to make and fun doing it. From young to old loved them. Great for any fall occasion, Halloween, Thanksgiving, class parties or just a great taste treat. I can't wait to make more!"


Halloween Butterfinger Eyes

"These were great! They were a hit at our halloween party...all the kids and adults were creeped out yet still all had to try them."


Gruesome Monster Toes

"Creepy and fun! I made two versions: The first one had black gumdrops sliced in half for toenails. The second group had 3 cashew halves for claws, with the tips of the toes coated in black decorating gel."


Candy Corn Meringues

Try these fun and festive Candy Corn Meringues for a Halloween treat.

Chocolate Halloween Mice

"These are very cute! I doubled the recipe to make enough to take to a Halloween party. I also rolled them in chocolate sprinkles which gave them the look of mangy fur, before rolling them in the crumbs, and used red sprinkles for the eyes for a demonic look! They were a huge hit, and quite tasty!"

-Kathleen Constance

Lollipop Monsters

Trick-or-treaters will be screaming for more of these scary-good treats.

Peanut Butter Popcorn Balls

"These are great. I used creamy peanut butter instead of chunky and M & Ms. These are really similar to the ones my mom used to make when I was little."

-Queen Dana

M&M Rice Krispies Treats

"I made them yesterday and our guest loved them - my husband and I are enjoying the leftovers this morning. Definitely use Vanilla - YUM. Also, during the process of melting butter and marshmallows have the candy in the freezer. I did that and they didn't melt!"

-Erica K.

Better Than Reese's Peanut Butter Cups

"These were gorgeous. For better presentation I pressed crushed honey-roasted peanuts into the chocolate layer and then I drizzled the whole thing with dark chocolate. These are not sickly-sweet -- you can eat so much more at a time!! ;-)"


Bloodshot Eyeballs

"A close friend and I made these together for Halloween while watching scary movies. These were alot of fun to make and I appreciate the fact that their so simple but end up looking so neat! They turned out great and even tasted better than I thought. I would definitely make these again!"


Cute As a Bug Chocolate Nuggets

"These were very cute! I made them for a bake sale and they sold out quick.I used a whole bag of Hershey's Nuggets, so I made a lot. Everyone thought that this was such a cute idea."


Chocolate Spiders

"These were SO fun to make! Even as an adult haha!! I used strawberry laces for their legs as I don't like licorice. All in all, a quick recipe that's fun and tasty!"


Candy Corn Marshmallows

Cute idea for leftover candy corn and candy melts.


Harry Potter's Acid Pops

"Very fun and easy, and a huge hit at my 9 y/old's Halloween party this year! The kids were all thrilled - "Cool! It's Pop Rocks!"

-A la Carte

Halloween Party Mix (Candy Corn and Peanut)

"Oh yeah!! I just bought my candy corn and peanuts today and it's great!"


Witch Hats

"Very cute! My daughter had fun making these."


Nutter Butter Acorns

"Adorable, tasty, easy and a HUGE hit. Will make these every fall!"

-Anne W.

Chocolate-Covered Cherry Mice

"Loved these. The chocolate was a little thicker than I planned, so I used it to create a more fur-like texture on the mice. Very cool recipe!"


Halloween Gravel (Fudge Candy)

"Yum! What a fun and easy dessert! My kids loved these! :)"


Halloween Lollipop Ghosts for Kids

"WOW, what a great idea! So easy, quick and cheap to make with great results! They look spectacular and will be a great addition to my halloween candy tray."


Halloween Spiders

"These are SO yummy, cute and most important they tasted delicious!! :)"