Peanut Butter Pumpkins

"Be a nut and putter your bumpkins. Have your own pumpkin patch right in your kitchen. After reading Melanie's helpful review, I thought it best to emphasize that you should add sugar to the dough until it is very stiff and leave it at that."
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Ready In:
15 pumpkins




  • Melt butter in a large bowl and add a few drops of yellow and red food coloring, until mixture has a nice orange color.
  • Add the peanut butter and confectioners sugar and mix together until a doughlike consistency is reached. (This means that when the dough is nice and stiff and it gets hard to add any more sugar, to let it go at that).
  • Shape dough into small balls shaped like pumpkins; make ridges on the pumpkins with a toothpick.
  • Add a small amount of green decorators icing to the top of each pumpkin for a stem.
  • Refrigerate, if desired, to allow pumpkins to firm.
  • Serve on a plate lined with toasted coconut and Halloween decorated cookies, if desired; these also look good on top of cupcakes.

Questions & Replies

  1. So these are no bake then?
  2. I want to make these for Halloween but I'm about to have Carpal Tunnel Surgery Oct 16th. Can I make these now and freeze them?
  3. How do I print?


  1. VERY VERY YUMMY!! And rich too! lol They are so adorable too...and come to think of it , you could use these at anytime of the year. Christmas, do stars, or a christmas tree. Valentines Day hearts. At Easter make eggs. The possibilities are endless! Thanks Sue!!!
  2. Instead of the frosting, I just put a single chocolate chip on top as the stem. You can never go wrong with a chocolate/peanut butter combo! Also, you can use the same recipe (minus the food coloring) and dip the balls into melted milk chocolate. Dip all but a small area on the top to make "Buckeyes" =)
  3. These are so good and so cute! Very easy to make and fun doing it. From young to old loved them. I used a tube of green icing to make the leaves and a tube of chocolate icing to make little stems on top. I never got a chance to put them on a plate with the coconut or refridgerate them. I was almost finished making them when everyone walked in and they are almost all gone. Great for any fall occasion, Halloween, Thanksgiving, class parties or just a great taste treat. I can't wait to make more and in different shapes and colors for other events and holidays. Super recipe, thanks for posting.
  4. Fun recipe. We made these into hearts for Valentine's Day - the red food coloring didn't work very well - I would've had to use a lot to make the hearts red. I melted some semi-sweet chocolate chips and 'iced' the hearts with it. These were a big hit at a winter retreat!
  5. I made these a couple of years ago for a get together my mom was going to...and they were a ton of fun to make, and turned out SUPER cute! The problem I had with I had to add in a TON of sugar to get them to turn the bright orange color I was looking for. They tasted AMAZING to me, but they were too sweet for some people. I used green tic-tac mints or chocolate chips as the stems at the top. I placed them on a large orange plastic platter my mom had...with crushed up oreos (without the center cream) for dirt, and I dyed some coconut green to act as grass...then I completed the display by placing some plastic spiders around lol. It looked like a mini pumpkin patch and was a real fun project!
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  1. These were a Huge hit for Thanksgiving. I didn't use quite the whole bag of powdered sugar because it was getting hard to mix. Had to use a lot of food coloring to get a good orange color. I made them bite size so you can just pop them in your mouth. I got 54 balls out of the 1 recipe! Instead of using a toothpick to make ridges I used the back of my thinnest knife & sort of rocked it from the top of the pumpkin to the bottom making several ridges all around the pumpkin. I'm trying to come up with some way to use this recipe for christmas. Maybe just making snowballs rolled in powdered sugar. Any suggestions??
  2. This was great!!!! I made a gravestone cake for halloween and I put this on it. Instead of using a container of store bought icing, I used <a href="/80118">Really Easy and Good Buttercream Icing</a> and it worked really well! The only advice I would point of for this recipe is when you are making an orange colour, make it strong as the brown colour of the peanut butter will make the food colouring unnoitceable if you don't use enough. Other than that little incident, the recipe was great for halloween! Thank you!


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