Lollipop Monsters

READY IN: 20mins
YIELD: 1 Lollipop


  • 1
    large green gumdrop
  • 1
    large black gumdrop
  • 3
    small green gumdrops
  • 2
    licorice, drops
  • 2
    sour green candies
  • 1
    red shoestring licorice (for mouth)
  • 1
    black shoestring licorice (for belt)
  • 2
    white candy sprinkles (For eyes)
  • 1
    green coated mini licorice
  • 1
    lollipop stick
  • 12
    cup sugar


  • Use frosting or melted sugar (see recipe - to glue the candy together.glue-forcandy-.
  • Take the large black & green gumdrops and turn upside down then slide onto lollipop stick.
  • Press hard so the lollipop stick pocks through the gumdrops.
  • Take the black shoestring licorice and wrap around gap between black and green gumdrop. Use frosting or melted sugar to glue it onto place.
  • For the arms apply sugar glue to one of the sour green candies and attach to large green gumdrop on the right. Repeat this for the left arm.
  • For the shoulders cut the tops off of two small green gumdrops and apply where the sour green candies and large green gumdrop meet.
  • For the legs take the two cut small green gumdrops, turning upside down apply sugar glue and attach to the bottom of the large black gumdrop.
  • For the feet take the two soft licorice drops and attach with sugar glue to the cut portions of the small green gumdrop legs.
  • For the face take the remaining small green gumdrop and attach the green coated licorice mini tothe top of the gumdrop. Take two small white sprinkles and press into the small green gumdrop for eyes.
  • For the mouth cut a small half inch portion of the red shoestring licorice and attach to the small green gumdrop face with sugar glue.
  • Attach the head to the top of the large green gumdrop.
  • Enjoy!