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26 Essential Holiday Side Dishes

Load up on a few of these foolproof favorites to ensure your holiday ham doesn't get lonely on the dinner table.

Parker House Rolls

"This recipe is great! I had them with a pot roast and they came out fabulous — so soft and the perfect texture!"


Brussels Sprouts with Bacon & Hazelnuts

"This was just perfect! My bacon was a little lean, so I did add a little olive oil to the bacon fat. I used toasted pecans instead of hazelnuts."

-tara portee

Fresh Cranberry & Orange Relish

"I make this every year and no one can tell it's a "diabetic-friendly" recipe."


Roasted Mushrooms

"I added a couple sprigs of thyme and a few cloves of garlic. Instead of roasting on a tray, I wrapped these in foil. They turned out wonderfully! Tender, yet with some bite left, these had lots of flavor and were very pretty on the plate."


Grilled Beets With Moroccan Dressing

"The dressing was perfect with the beets. I'm glad we tried grilling them, though, because it was an easy and convenient way to cook them."


Scalloped Potatoes

"This was one of the best scalloped potatoes recipe I have found. Normally mine turn out watery — not so with this one!"


Pear & Gorgonzola Salad

"This is an excellent salad. I added some dried cranberries and topped with a raspberry vinaigrette dressing. Try candied walnuts for little variety, too!"

-Mick's Kitchen

Eggplant Caviar

"My eggplant thanks you for providing me with a recipe worthy of its presence. Made the whole thing in the food processor, so it took no time at all."

-Leggy Peggy

Roasted Broccoli With Toasted Pine Nuts

"The roasting gives this such a nice flavor. I used pecans instead of pine nuts and it worked great!"

-Barb Gertz

Sausage & Apple-Stuffed Acorn Squash

"This recipe is a winner! I'm notorious for changing things up a bit, so instead of parsley I added some rosemary and thyme."

-Jessica H.

Buttery Bread Machine Rolls

"The aroma brought the entire family into the kitchen to see what Dad was cooking. The entire batch was gone within the first hour. Light, fluffy and very tasty. Almost French with all that butter."

-Carl S.

Classic Old Bay Crab Cakes

"This is one great crab cake, I am so glad I got to taste this, as well as make it. Easy to put together, and delicious as well."

-Andi Longmeadow Farm

Garlicky Roasted Asparagus With Parmesan

"These went great with our roast and garlic mashed potatoes! We loved the addition of the cheese. Really pumps up the flavor!"

-Jen In The Kitchen

Twice Baked Potato Casserole

"I made this as a side dish to accompany a roast I made, but the roast wasn't touched. My husband and boys devoured this!"


Caesar Salad

"Definitely five stars. Made this with Mean Chef's Fettuccine Alfredo and Tracy K's brussel sprout recipe. Really terrific--liked how many anchovy fillets were used, really perked up the flavor, and I found the addition of both vinegars to add a whole other dimension to the caesar dressing. Thanks for posting this Evelyn! "


Honey-Glazed Carrots & Parsnips

"I love carrots and I love parsnips so this was veggie heaven! Very easy to prepare and can easily make this for a crowd."


Simple Corn Casserole

"Thank you for a great addition to our Christmas table. I was going for a homey Southern meal and this hit the spot."


Fruit Salad With Lemon Poppy Seed Dressing

"This salad has a wonderful crunch to it and the dressing is amazing."


Swiss Chard & Turkey Au Gratin

"Very easy and tasty. I used kale instead of chard since I have it growing in my garden."

-Diana Johnson

Brussels Sprouts in Garlic Butter

"These are fabulous and far superior to the way I made them before."


Rice Pilaf with Herbs

"I made this easy and delicious recipe to compliment the Cornish hens we were having for supper. My husband and I loved it!"


Orange-Glazed Sugar Snap Peas

"I needed something different to do with my snap peas other than plain old steamed, and this fit the bill! Very easy and tasty!"


Dressed Peas

"This is easy, elegant and delicious. I am going to try the sauce on other veggies."


Glazed Carrots

"Quick and easy, but lacking flavor a bit. I find it helps to add some honey or maple syrup to supplement the taste or even a minute amount of cloves. Not bad. Cheers."

-Chef Swifticus

Yorkshire Pudding

"I've never made Yorkshire Pudding before, but I followed this recipe to the letter. They came out magnificently!"


Wild Rice With Cremini Mushrooms

"A great way to fancy up plain wild rice blend. I used a wild and brown rice blend and chicken broth. The sherry adds a nice subtle flavor."

-Outta Here