Brussels Sprouts in Garlic Butter

"This is a recipe from Joy of Cooking... totally changed my mind about Brussels Sprouts! It's imperative that you use fresh sprouts, the texture would be way off with the frozen ones."
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  • Melt butter and olive oil in a medium skillet (over medium-high heat) until butter is foamy.
  • Reduce heat to medium, add smashed garlic and cook until lightly browned.
  • Remove garlic and discard.
  • Add sprouts cut side down, cover, and cook without stirring on medium-low heat 10-15 minutes or until tender when pierced with a knife.
  • The cut side of the sprouts should get nice and browned, with a nutty, buttery flavor enhanced by garlic.
  • Top with freshly grated parmesan and salt& pepper to taste.

Questions & Replies

  1. Do you use frozen or fresh?
  2. When it says remove garlic and discard , does this mean remove the garlic and olive oil and butter and discard it , use the same pan to fry the Brussels sprouts ??
  3. Do I cook the brusselsprouts before adding them to the garlic butter?


  1. Normally I steam the brussel sprouts then saute in browned garlic butter and sprinkle with parmesan. So I figured this was just another avenue to the same thing. WRONG!!. These are fabulous and far superior to the way I made them before. The cooking time was perfect and the brown roasty part is an excellent touch. Even with exactly the same ingredients this technique produces a much better result. Do not forget to salt and pepper liberally. At the end of cooking I did swirl in another pat of butter. Only minor problem is that if you are cooking for a crowd you will need a couple of pans. This will be my sprout standard from now on. Now I am sure I want to adopt Tracy.
  2. We had this as one of the side dishes for Easter dinner. It was a big hit! It complimented the ham so nicely. The combination af garlic and parmesan is really delicious on brussel sprouts. A very easy to do recipe, this one is a keeper for sure! Thanks!!
  3. I've made this, and it's fantastic, and easy. The Parmesean Cheese definately adds to the recipe - don't omit it!
  4. I made this with lamb chops for suppper tonight and my husband and I both loved it! I will not hesitate to make this for company- - there was not even one brussel sprout left over. Thanks from Valerie in Markham.
  5. I bet you didn't think you'd get so many 5 star reviews for brussel sprouts did you? *LOL I made tihs with my meatloaf tonight, these were so good (of course I do love brussel sprouts)! I, as always, increased the garlic by two cloves and did as the others, left it in the pan. Thanks for posting this nice change to a favorite veggie!


  1. I used minced garlic and let it simmer in the butter first, plus never removed it. Also added some lemon juice towards the end, and tossed them in that.
  2. I added chopped almonds to make it even better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. As my entire family are true garlic lovers, I changed "Remove garlic and discard" to placing the 3 cloves of garlic in a garlic press adding it at the same point in the directions and then leaving the pressed garlic in the pan for the duration of cooking. Magnificent!
  4. Awesome! My family loved it. I never made Brussels sprouts, so I needed to make sure my 4yr old would like it. This is my second time making it since last week as per my 4yr. Old mommy please I need to grow more can you make Brussels sprouts!!!! Yay winner ??
  5. I added toasted pine nuts to mine and put the browned garlic back in at the end (because.. buttery toasted garlic....)


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