Astro Eats: Cancer Season

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Happy Summer, Cancerians!

The Summer Solstice welcomes not only the most beloved time of year but the first day of Cancer Season. As the first water sign in the zodiac calendar, Cancer introduces themes that support emotional safety: fun, family, food and home. However, take heed, this can make emotional offloading rather tempting especially while Mercury transits Cancer and a solar eclipse in Cancer takes to the skies on July 12th. We’ve rounded up recipes to support each sign’s journey during Cancer season. So stay curious and adaptable this month while enjoying the first days of summer!

Aries: Home & Family

The mighty horned Ram is still just a sheep at the end of the day. The Sun and Mercury in Cancer gently urge Aries’ need for tenderness to the forefront of the summer itinerary. It may feel unusual to be unexpectedly triggered around issues related to home and family, so remember to breathe it out. Give yourself permission to be sensitive. It doesn’t make you any less of a leader. Heart-centered strength is the only strength worth having! Your reward for processing all these pesky emotions? Ice cream, of course! Treat yo’self. You certainly deserve it.

Taurus: Intellect & Communication

A person of mighty convictions you are, Taurus. The Sun and Mercury in Cancer inspire Taureans to open the books on the beliefs you uphold and protect. You love to master the topics you’re passionate about so bring learning materials to the beach for a bit of both while Mercury and the Sun inspire your scholarship. Why not extend your education to the culinary realm? Fill your kitchen with global flavors and take a vacation from the norm.

Gemini: Values & Security

Few fly with more of a free spirit and sense of liberation than Gemini. However, Cancer Season inspires the Twins to stay grounded for a bit longer than usual. Sun and Mercury ask Gemini, “What do you treasure?” Making it a prime moment for increased financial security — so be proactive about paying bills and strengthening your financial literacy. The Universe could reward you with extra abundance! The fastest way to save money? Eat out less! Duh. We’ve got you covered with copycat recipes galore.

Cancer: Identity & Confidence

Happy Birthday, Cancer! This month is all about you. People born in this window are often leaders in the fields of art, family psychology, education and wellness. But this month, forget what you know — leave the crab shell at home and urgently walk into the experience of joy, love and confidence. Engage in life from a place of deep worthiness because you are so very deserving of what gives your life the most meaning. Bake yourself a boatload of chocolate cake, blow out the candles, and then dig in.

Leo: Surrender & Closure

It’s time to cancel your dinner reservations and fire up the grill because Sun and Mercury in Cancer call for a staycation. This is a moment of necessary closure, release and surrender. The Cancer transits give you the tenderness to let low-level energy go so you can become the royal you’re truly capable of being. That said, you may need to speak up or ask for an apology. Lean into the discomfort and let it help you engage in life’s many experiences wholeheartedly. What better way to stay at home in the summer than with a BBQ?

Virgo: Friendship & Activism

You’re the brightest sparkling socialite in town, Virgo! The Sun and Mercury in Cancer strengthen your friendships, community and social activities with deep bonding in the summer sun. You’re a loyal and loving friend so let your network show up for you the way you show up for them. Plan a beach getaway or a day trip with old friends and you’ll see them in a whole new light. Don’t forget to pack a picnic.

Libra: Career & Recognition

No summer vacation for you, Libra! You’re impressing the higher-ups and hiring managers with your work ethic and discipline. The Sun and Mercury in Cancer show off the heart-centered professionalism making you not just an office favorite but the true MVP. Have gratitude for your social technique and be brave in your pursuit of career aspirations. Support this process by starting your day with the fuel you need for success. Say goodbye to sad coffee shop pastries and cold cereal!

Scorpio: Education & Expansion

Summer school? You’re thinking about it, Scorpio! The Sun and Mercury in Cancer are inspiring Scorpios to receive a higher education through travel or literary circles. You’re feeling especially curious to learn more about personal growth and development. Pay attention to the signs that come up and dismiss nothing as coincidence. These internationally inspired recipes will help pique your curiosity.

Sagittarius: Intimacy & Growth

It’s getting hot in here, Sagittarius! Hang up the “Do Not Disturb” sign and plan to get personal with sexual healing and intimacy. The Sun and Mercury in Cancer invite emotion into your sexual appetite, so it’s ok to admit that you’re not looking for anything casual. You want the real deal, and the Universe supports it. But don’t forget to have fun too. Serve up something sweet to match the mood.

Capricorn: Relationships & Commitment

You’re able to put the power in power couple, Capricorn. The Sun and Mercury in Cancer bring experiences and conversations centered on romantic relationships. Explore what you’re hoping to receive when it comes to love. And say yes to the date, the Tinder match or the friend who’s trying to set you up. You never know where love can be found! Make dinner tonight for that special someone.

Aquarius: Health & Consistency

Summer routine? Normally, you detest rules but right now you’re craving more consistency and ritual around health and wellness. Both Sun and Mercury in Cancer give you the brain power and willingness to show up to the gym, to meal-prep, organize and more. Take radical responsibility for your personal health and the Universe will give you wonderful rewards! With these recipes, low carb living is low stress.

Pisces: Courage & Creativity

Speak now, Pisces! Thanks to chatty Mercury and the Sun in Cancer, you’re feeling able to articulate and vocalize that which you desire and crave. It’s always a vulnerable experience to announce your dreams but it’s necessary for a wholehearted life. Let the summer sunshine produce a creative project of yours and show the world what your talents are! When all else fails, try a little liquid courage!