The Only Chocolate Cake Recipe You'll Ever Need! (Devil's Food)

"This chocolate cake is absolutely thee best we have ever had. It is so moist and rich, I never make anything else (unless I am short on time :) The frosting recipe included goes perfectly with this cake, but you can use any frosting you like. Try this once and you'll see why I call it "The Only Chocolate Cake Recipe You'll Ever Need"!! Adding 2/18/06: I want to note that I recently used sweetened whipped heavy cream with vanilla and it was just as fabulous as the frosting recipe listed, plus much easier. I also used hazelnut coffee in the cake and it added even more of a little extra something!"
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Ready In:
1hr 15mins




  • Preheat oven to 325°F.
  • In a large mixing bowl, sift together dry ingredients. Add oil, coffee and milk and mix at medium speed for 2 minutes. Add eggs and vanilla and beat 2 more minutes. Expect batter to be thin.
  • Pour into a 9" x 13" greased and floured pan or 2- 9" round pans. Bake 9 x 13 pan for about 45 minutes or 9" pans for about 30 minutes. Cool in pans for about 15 minutes and then cool completely on racks.
  • While cake is cooling make the icing: Combine the milk and flour in a saucepan and cook over low heat until thick, whisking constantly. Cover and refrigerate until chilled.
  • In a medium bowl, beat butter, shortening, sugar and vanilla until creamy. Add chilled milk and flour mixture and beat for 10 minutes. Frost cooled cake and enjoy! The frosting sounds intimidating, but it is worth it! By the way, for some reason, we prefer this cake chilled, right out of the refrigerator. The rich chocolate and cool frosting just seem to taste best this way.

Questions & Replies

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  1. larry b.
    I wanted to make this recipe: The website offers units in US and Metric. Since I do a lot of baking, I prefer using metric. The metric conversions are so off, it's a disaster. For example, the recipe calls for 2 cups of sugar, the website converts to approx 473g, that's not right! 2 cups of granulated sugar is only 402g. Look at flour which is 2 cups, converts to 473g again, but 2 cups of flour is only 240g. So 473g is actually 3-3/4 cups, not 2! Cocoa powder is 3/4 cup, but converts to 178g, once again 3/4 cup of cocoa powder is only 75g. This is nuts. The end result is a recipe mixture that looks like thick fudge brownie, not cake batter!!! If the website cannot offer accurate conversions, then just turn the feature off!!
  2. yelenakabo
    Hello, I am looking forward to trying this cake - I have a stand mixer, so i was wondering - when mixing the cake batter - do you use a paddle or a whisk?
  3. ellyxfoster
    Trying to figure out why once cooled my cake turned dense and fudgey?
    • Review photo by ellyxfoster
  4. Merilee P.
  5. Sandy W.
    The icing looks chocolaty but I did not notice any cocoa powder or any type of chocolate included in the recipe. Want to make sure I'm not missing something. Can't wait to try. Thanks!


  1.  Poppy
    I'm not very good at making cakes, but I wanted to try this one because of the very good reviews it had, so I made it last night... and wow it was great!! not too sweet , really moist and the frosting was just right!! my husband loved it!! thank you for the recipe!!!
  2. Del2002
    The cake had an intense chocolate taste, was deliciously moist and not too sweet. I used two round baking tins instead of one and after 30 minutes at 160C the cakes were not yet done. Next time, I'll bake them for 35-40 minutes at 180C.
  3. Cathie Bolduc
    I made this for a co-workers 18th birthday and everyone loved it. Very moist and chocolaty. The frosting was also very good with a nice texture and not overly sweet. I did add semi-sweet chocolate morsels to the frosting while I was stirring the flour and milk together over med. heat. Came out tasting very good.
  4. luheu
    Used SMBC frosting and chocolate custard filling. Super moist and able to make a tall cake! Cake recipe never fails!
    • Review photo by luheu
  5. Heavens Kitchen
    I wish I could rate this recipe 5 stars. The cake definitely earns 5 stars; however, with the frosting recipe that is included, I can only rate this a 3. I have made this cake before, using a different frosting, and it was loved by all. I made the cake a second time, using the included frosting recipe. The cake itself turned out great, but the frosting was not something I would ever make again. I didn't have any problems with the texture of the frosting, as some reviewers have. It looked great, but the flavor was very lacking. I can't recommend the cake enough, but I won't be making the frosting again.


  1. Kevin C.
    This recipe is fantastic when made without sugar, using two teaspoons of stevia, instead of sugar, and, 1 cup of natural unsweetened apple sauce. Followed the recipe exactly with just the Apple sauce and, stevia introduction. Try it.
  2. Debbie C.
    I made cupcakes, baked for 23 minutes, came out perfect. I tweaked the frosting by using coconut oil versus shortening (healthier) and added a few tablespoons of unsweetened cocoa powder. It is absolutely delicious, like a mousse.
  3. xpnsve
    Excellent cake! Halfway through getting my ingredients together I realized that I was out of milk :( So, I used 1 cup of sweetened condensed milk and only used 1 cup of sugar, rather than the 2 suggested. I also used 2 tsp. of espresso powder with 1 cup of hot water in place of the 1 cup of hot coffee. The cake came out beautifully!! Instead of using the suggested frosting, I made a ganache out of melted butter, hot water, powedered sugar and cocoa powder. This recipe made a really moist and delicious cake, thanks for posting!!
  4. Karen K.
    Fabulous recipe! I substituted half and half for the milk, then added 3/4 tsp red cayenne pepper to the dry ingredients for a tiny bit of zing. For the frosting I did 7-minute to keep it light. Delicious!
  5. Dale B.
    I didn't tweak a thing. I am a novice baker, despite my age. This recipe produces a rich, moist, and delicious chocolate cake -- better than my mother's. (Sorry, Mom!) I am never going back to boxed cake mixes. I used a different buttercream frosting than the recipe provided here. That was the only disappointment, and it's entirely my fault.



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