17 Ways to Cook with Ground Chicken

Ground chicken is just as versatile, quick and delicious as turkey or beef. Mix it into chili, make it into meatloaf, layer it onto pizza - your dinner will be a winner, guaranteed.

BBQ Chicken Sloppy Joes

"This was a nice twist on an old favorite. It was so easy to throw together, too. It will be fun experimenting with different kinds of BBQ sauce."

-Shelby Jo

Unbelievable Chicken Meatloaf

"Everyone who has tried this dish loves it. I substituted salsa for the ketchup and also spooned some across the top of the loaf."

-Chef #1337293

Cheesy Chicken Parm Volcanos

"These are actually quite easy to make, but look really fun once finished. I think these would go down really well with kids since they look like volcanoes and have the surprise of the cheese in the middle!"

-Izy Hossack

Orange Chicken Dino Nuggets

"Very innovative and healthier than getting chicken nuggets at any restaurant."

-Vevette C.

Cheesy Chicken Enchiladas

"This is one of those dishes that's a cooking lifesaver. It's simple, with just four ingredients, and can be put together in no time."

-Chef floWer

Southwestern Chicken Burgers

"Great idea! We always use chicken meat with our tacos, and this makes it easy when you have a group of people over. We'll be using this recipe at our next BBQ."


Ground Chicken Chili

"I followed this recipe exactly and it was wonderful. It didn't taste boring at all. This is a great meal for a low-carb diet."


Quick Thai-Style Stuffed Peppers

"This was an outstanding protein-packed power lunch. The peppers cooked perfectly in 30 minutes and Thai-spiced peanuts made the perfect garnish."


Ground Chicken Casserole

"So delicious! My boyfriend and I could not get enough. I didn't change anything about this recipe."


Spicy Ground Chicken

"EXCELLENT! I felt like I was eating at a restaurant. I don't think I could give this recipe more stars."


Simple Ground Chicken Stroganoff

"Super yummy! We served this over egg noodles and it was fantastic. My hubby said the leftovers were even better the next day."

-Chef #160516

Chicken Parm Pizza

"Wow, this was good! I cheated a bit and used storebought pizza crust. This recipe is a definite keeper."


Spinach & Chicken Pie

"Yummy! I used 2 teaspoons of lemon-infused olive oil to cook off my onion and chicken. This would be really good served with a yogurt and mint sauce."


Copycat Chicken Helper

"This dish is very easy to make and very, very flavorful. Bonus: the leftovers taste just as good (if not better than) when you first make it."

-Crafty Lady 13

Stuffed Acorn Squash

"Delicious! I used canned chicken, and currants instead of cranberries, because it's what I had on hand. It's very different and we enjoyed it."


Ground Chicken Kofta Kabobs

"These are very easy to make. I loved the combination of spices. I made them as written but didn't skewer them. This recipe is a keeper."


Easy Chicken & Cheese Patties

"This recipe was so incredibly delicious that we didn't even use buns. I highly recommend these patties."