Easy Weeknight Dinners

Apple-Stuffed French Toast

Spice-speckled apples are a welcome upgrade.

How to Make Meatballs

Keep your meatballs flavorful, tender and light.



We had this for dinner last night, and it really hit the spot accompanied by roasted potatoes!"

Egg Casserole for Two

All The Ways To Cook with Ground Chicken

Fajitas, anyone?

Delicious Microwave Meals

Microwave dishes to feed your family in a flash.

Cooking with Ground Turkey

It can do it all.

5-Ingredient Dinners

Less mess, less stress.

Princess Pea

Princess Pea

Delicious meal and a real crowd-pleaser, plus very easy to prepare. I used a rotisserie chicken which made it even faster!

30-Minute Chicken & Dumplings

Slow-Cooker Texas Hash

Everybody will clamor for this hearty bowl.

How to: Cook Rice

Become the master of this versatile side dish.

The Best Pork Chop Recipes

Dress 'em up.

How To: Eat English Muffins for Every Meal

Brilliant shortcuts for busy nights.

Orange Chicken Dino Nuggets

"The flavor of these nuggets was really delicious. I appreciated that the sauce wasn’t too sweet and was full of gingery, orangey flavor."

-Izy Hossack

Quick Hoisin Chicken Stir-Fry

Ten minutes to dinner.

Double-Take Dinners

Leftovers transformed!

How to Make No-Recipe Tomato Sauce

Say no to store-bought sauce.

Shortcut Dinners

Hectic weeknight + hungry family = shortcut dinners.

How to Use a Pressure Cooker

Easy steps to safely and effectively use a stove top pressure cooker

A Good Thing

A Good Thing

This was the hit of my daughter's birthday celebration, everyone was scrambling for the last few bites!

French Toast Souffle