18 Crowd-Pleasing Sunday Dinners

Weekends give you the luxury of time to make those meals you've been yearning for all week. Wow your family with one of these special dishes and enjoy some together time around the table. For more inspiration, check out our all-time best dinner recipes.

Easy Lasagna

"This was so easy! Everyone loved it. I liked the cottage cheese in this recipe, and I boiled the noodles because they were not oven-ready. This recipe really fills the pan!"


Balthazar's Braised Beef Ribs

“A delicious dish with fine restaurant quality deepness of flavor. My guests raved about this recipe."


Awesome Red Beans & Rice

"Great recipe! The seasoning was right on!"


Chicken & Dumplings

"This was a wonderfully hearty dinner, and so easy to make! My hubby, who doesn't like anyone's dumplings but Grandma's said ‘wow, this IS good!'"


Sunday Gravy

“I made this Sunday for dinner. The entire family loved it, and they’re so happy when there’s leftovers.”


Quick & Easy Pizza Dough

“This pizza dough was amazing. I made it twice because the first time left cravings for seconds! No more order-out pizza for us!”


Tacos De Carnitas

“Simply delicious! I used pork shoulder and all the ingredients listed. The flavors blended smoothy and nothing was overwhelming. I served it on flour tortillas with avocado slices, chopped fresh cilantro leaves and onions.”

-Chicagoland Chef du

Fabulous Beef Stew

“A super recipe. So quick to put together, and fabulous to the taste. We didn’t have any leftovers.”


Perfect Pomodoro Sauce

"This is your basic Italian-American red sauce. Perfect every time. This is the sauce to use for all of your dishes—pasta, baked ziti, Parmigiana, etc."


Simply Sour Cream Chicken Enchiladas

“This sauce is awesome and can be adapted to different tastes. It’s great to have as an alternative to our usual red or green sauce. My hubby and I give this five stars!”


Slow-Cooker White Chicken Chili

“This is such an excellent recipe. So easy to make, and a huge hit at a potluck.”


Perfect Southern Fried Chicken

“This is the second time I’ve made this and it can’t get any better! I made southern macaroni and cheese to go with it. Soaking the chicken in a salt water brine is key as it gives it flavor on the inside as well!”


Slow-Cooker London Broil

“This was out of this world! The gravy was so good, that it will be my staple from now on for ribs, short ribs, pot ribs or any kind of meat!”

-Catherine L.

Chicken Tikka Masala

"This recipe is my favorite Indian recipe so far. It tastes authentic! It's just like the Chicken Tikka Masala at my favorite Indian restaurant, and that's a first!”


Roast Chicken With Grand Marnier Glaze

“All I can say is this bird was utterly fantastic. I used a large roaster chicken, almost the size of a small turkey. It was great for Sunday dinner.”


Traditional Greek Baked Fish

“Yum, I really loved this dish. I used barramundi fillets, and substituted marjoram for fresh oregano from my garden! I only baked it for 30 minutes.”


Simple & Delicious Pot Roast

“This has great flavor! I rubbed the roast with cajun seasoning. My husband loved it and my daughter licked all of the gravy and mashed potatoes from her fingers!”


Tender Oven-Baked Pork Chops

“These were an absolute hit! The chops are so fork tender that I had to use a spoon to dish them out. The extra gravy is perfect with steamed rice or mashed potatoes, and can even be soaked up with crusty bread!”