Easy Chicken and Cheese Burger Patties (Ground Chicken or Turkey

"These are very easy chicken & cheese burger patties. You can use either ground chicken or turkey meat. These grill up great outdoors on the BBQ or inside on the indoor grill. My husband and I love serving these on a bun coated with BBQ sauce & a handful of "French's" fried onions and we top them with a slice of american cheese too - they are perfect that way. PS: These are super to freeze, I make a fresh batch of either chicken or turkey & always freeze about 6 or so patties. I wrap them individually in Saran Wrap, then put all 6 either in a tupperware container or a large freezer zip-loc bag as in photo."
photo by Lori Mama photo by Lori Mama
photo by Lori Mama
photo by BlondieItaliana photo by BlondieItaliana
photo by BlondieItaliana photo by BlondieItaliana
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  • Take the 1/3 of small onion chopped & put in microwave safe bowl with a dash of olive oil & microwave for 1 minute.
  • Combine onion with all remaining ingredients in large bowl then shape into 6 patties.
  • Grill on BBQ or pan fry with 1 tablespoon vegetable oil (if you panfry, coat burger patties individually in additionaly 1/2 cup breadcrumbs then fry they are extra crispy & tasty :-) ) You could also bake these in oven.

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  1. Made this while I was panicking because I'm 21 years old & I have no idea how to cook! I stumbled on other ones but some of the seasonings I didn't have at hand. So this recipe was everything I had in hand. I followed it and it came out fantastic! I made an account just to review. Thank you for your simple recipe, the chicken is just wonderful!
  2. Great starting point recipe. I doubled it by adding a pound of chicken sausage, skin removed. I then added powdered sage, smoked black pepper and dried Italian herbs and an extra egg. I kept mayo and everything else at the recipe proportions without doubling them. Favor is wonderful and overall this is a nice inexpensive change. *One thing to note for frying them: once you turn them over once, smash them down or the inside might not be cooked thoroughly. In my newness to this recipe I didn't do it for the first batch and had to put it back on for a few minutes.
  3. This recipe was so incredibly delicious that my boyfriend and I had to create an account and write a review. We halved the recipe (3 patties) and followed it for the most part, but made a few changes. We added 2 slices of bacon and a giant clove of garlic. We panfried without adding extra breadcrumbs and cooked on low-med about 8-9 minutes each side. They were so tasty we didn't even use buns! Highly, highly recommend thank you!
  4. Wow - first ground chicken/turkey patty that didn't come out dry! Followed instructions and included the breadcrumbs into the mix. Pan fried and turned out amazing! Doesn't need toppings at all but threw on a tablespoon of salsa and tasted great!!
  5. I stumbled across this recipe a little over a year ago and we've been making it regularly ever since. We started using those multi-grain Sandwich Slims instead of buns or regular bread and it really works well for these. I would like to experiment a little more, particularly with some heat, but I have a picky eater - once she likes something, it would be wise to stick with ;) Great recipe!


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