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Put An Egg On It: 20 Quick Ways to Upgrade Any Meal

Ask any chef what's in his or her fridge and they'll always say eggs. Why? Because adding a trusty egg is the easiest way to stretch leftovers into a full meal. Poached, fried or scrambled inside, these are the egg-friendly dishes you need in your back pocket.

Sundried Tomato & Sweet Basil Shakshuka

"This really is a complete meal with the addition of the eggs and chickpeas, and you can never go wrong with spaghetti sauce."


Kittencal's Chinese Fried Rice With Egg

"I made a batch of this for bento lunches and am so happy I did! The flavor is kids and husband started eating it straight out of the wok. I had to tell them it was for future lunches!"


Lentils With Anchovies, Capers & Fried Egg

"I wasn't sure which course this would fit into: Breakfast? Lunch? Dinner? Any of them, of course! This would make a spectacular brunch or lunch entree. I made it as directed and served in individual ramekins."


Savory Pain Perdu With Poached Eggs

"We were just discussing what constitutes a 5-star recipe in one of the forums and this for me, is IT! I've been saving this to make forever and am so glad I finally did. What a perfect light supper with everything on hand."

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Tunisian Fried Peppers & Eggs

"Wonderful dish! Loved all the colorful veggies with the egg. I opted for some extra heat with chiles and we enjoyed the kick."


Poached Egg Avocado Surprise

"This is great for when you don't feel like cooking but want some comfort. The feta really is amazing on top of the avocado and egg."


Matzo Brie

"This recipe is what I remember from my childhood and it came out exactly right. I've got a box and a half of Passover Matzo still to convert and I know how I'll be using it!"


Balsamic Fried Eggs With Wilted Greens

"Not the same old boring eggs, that's for sure! I used arugula and the peppery flavor was perfect with the eggs and balsamic vinegar. This makes a very pretty presentation and is super easy to make."


Poached Eggs on Asiatic Bed

"Yum! I've never served poached eggs with rice, but it's a great combination. The sauce really brings it together: It's salty, with a hint of the sesame and chile flavors. A really nice dish for breakfast when you want something different."


Fried Eggs With Ham

"What's not to like? I normally fry my eggs in butter, but was happy to try it with olive oil. Great quick and easy breakfast."


Poached Eggs on Roasted Veggies

"I had this for breakfast Sunday morning and did a variation with whole wheat toast, fresh sliced mushrooms and zucchini. What a tasty treat while I was on my own this morning!"


Poached Eggs a La Romana

"This is one of those "why didn't I think of that?" recipes. It's very fast and I'm just sorry I never thought of poaching eggs in sauce before!"


Corned Beef Hash With Eggs

"With poached eggs on toast, this is a great way to use up leftovers from St. Patrick's Day. Yum!"


Poached Eggs With Slow-Cooked Spicy Lentils

"This is a delicious and healthy recipe that was a cinch to make, and extra hearty with an egg. We'll definitely be making this again!"


Crispy Potatoes With Sausage & Poached Egg

Classic comfort food's never been so quick. Top frozen hash browns with sausage and a poached egg and you've got a brunch-ready all-star on your hands, lickety split.

Ukrainian Fried Eggs With Onion

"Fried onions make everything taste better. I let my onions lightly caramelize before adding the eggs. Delicious over toast!"


Poached Eggs and Kale Over Rice

Got leftover cooked rice languishing in the fridge? Toss in some greens and garlic for flavor and top the lot with a poached egg. Fridge raid meal, complete!

Potato & Onion Hash With Fried Egg

"Was looking for something a little different to make this morning and this was wonderful! Sometimes the simplest recipes are the best."


Baby Frisee With Poached Egg & Pancetta

"Wonderful salad! The bitterness of the frisee is perfectly offset by the flavors of the egg and pancetta. The dressing is nice and light, a lovely complement to the whole."


Ratatouille With Poached Eggs & Garlic Croutons

"This is an outstanding dish! Hearty and full of flavor, from the eggs to the veggies to the herby-garlicky toast."