18 Perfect Prime Rib Recipes

Whether you're celebrating Father's Day or whipping up a winning holiday dinner, these fancy, filling prime rib recipes are sure to please everyone's palate.

Mustard-Roasted Prime Rib

“An unforgettable roast dinner boosted with a tang of mustard.”

-Dan Churchill

Herbed Prime Rib

“An impressive roast for holiday parties and other special occasions. Coat with a seasoning rub and roast slowly for tender flavorful meat.”

-McCormick Kitchens

Perfect Prime Rib

"The prime rib was fabulous - hubby says the best he has had. Wow - tender and flavorful! A keeper."


Garlic Prime Rib

"Awesome recipe, I have used this recipe many times on pork roast and standing rib roast. Serve with pineapple salsa."


Perfect Prime Rib

"This roast just melts in your mouth and was a totally perfect addition to our anniversary dinner over the weekend. I used rosemary in mine and it couldn't have been better! The aromas while cooking were wonderful and we couldn't wait to eat! Amazing!"

-Tony Rules The Kitc

Prime Rib With Garlic Herb Butter

"The absolute BEST Prime Rib I've ever made!!! I'm an experienced cook, and have made Prime Rib multiple times, but this by far is the best recipe I've ever used!! I've made this recipe with success multiple times!! Bon Appetite!!"

-Angie M.

Easy Prime Rib

"Wow, this produced such a flavorful beef roast. The smell wafting through our house while it was roasting was a sure sign we all were going to like it, too. I used a beef shoulder roast (it was all the store had), and it was fantastic. I can't wait to try this with a nice, juicy beef rib roast. The combination of spices used for the rub is positively fantastic."


Garlic Crust Prime Rib

"It was absolutely luscious! The timing for medium-rare was perfect, the meat nearly as tender as prime rib, and the crust set this apart from any prime rib I've ever made before. Everyone was scooping up the crumbs that had fallen into the baking pan....no shame! This is definitely a spectacular centerpiece for a grand occasion."

-Marietta Mary Lou

5-Ingredient Prime Rib

"I have used this recipe a few times now with prime rib and also with chuck roasts. It has come out perfect every time. I leave the meat out for a few hours so it gets to room temp. The seasoning and butter rub works out great."


The Ultimate Prime Rib

"This method for cooking a roast will give you an even temperature throughout the entire piece of meat."

-Capn Ron

Traditional Prime Rib

"I got a great prime rib roast for 1/2 price and served this for my parents. What a treat! great recipe."


Magic Prime Rib Recipe

"This recipe for Prime Rib works every time, thus the word "magic." I have relied on it for holiday dinners and special occasion meals for over 25 years. It really gives the chef a lot of wiggle room to make the rest of the meal."

-Chef PotPie

Spicy Smoked Prime Rib

"Have made prime rib on the grill, smoker and in the oven......tried a lot of rubs and this is the bomb........Made it for Easter in the UP of Michigan at our cabin with maple smoking chucks Best We Have Had!!!! Hubby Making it again for Mothers Day!"


Foolproof Prime Rib With Au Jus Gravy

"I will never make prime rib any other way! This is truly foolproof and idiot-proof. This was so easy. I followed the timing for medium-rare, and it was perfect. I must say that the au jus gravy was phenomenal as well. "


Cajun Prime Rib

"This was a really tasty steak. I really enjoyed the seasonings to perk it up."


Bulletproof Easy Prime Rib

"Made this for Christmas Eve, and it turned out perfectly with our 8 pound prime rib. This is a great recipe for us. I am not a cook ...if I can do this, so can anyone. The prime rib we had from this recipe got rave reviews from the entire family, so it's keeper for us."


2-Ingredient Prime Rib

“This prime rib recipe seems to be fail proof if you follow the cooking directions. My friends have tried this too and say it comes out so yummy.”

-Holly L.

Seductive Prime Rib

"Made exactly as written. Wouldn't change a thing!"