23 Low-Carb Vegetarian Recipes

When avoiding a meat and fish-based diet, carbs are always the next best thing. Between bread and pasta, you won't miss the meat! However, with these low-carb vegetarian recipes, seasonings, garlic and other flavor-packed ingredients bring these dishes to life.

Roasted Broccoli with Lemon, Garlic & Toasted Pine Nuts

"I made this for a family gathering a few nights ago and everyone loved it! I have to say, it was fantastic even before I added the lemon sauce.”


Roasted Parmesan Garlic Cauliflower

“Very, very tasty and not difficult at all. I mixed in half the cheese at the beginning, and the rest at the end.”


Garlic-Roasted Asparagus With Parmesan

“I bought enough asparagus for the entire family, used this recipe and ate the whole batch myself!”


Baked Zucchini

"Loved this! If you salt your zucchini slices and let them rest for 20 to 30 minutes, some of the moisture will drain off and make for a crispier result after baking. This will keep them from becoming mushy."


Spinach Balls

“My mom has made these since I was little, and now I’m the one to make them every Thanksgiving! I absolutely love these, and everyone scarfed them down.”

-Christin V.

Low-Carb Slaw

“This is yummy eaten out of iceberg lettuce cups, or if I’m lazy I just roughly chop the lettuce and toss the mince-slaw over the top!”


Green Beans Almondine

"Yum! I cut the beans into one inch pieces and cooked them for 10 minutes. After roasting the almonds in the butter, I added the cooked beans to the same pot and mixed it all together, so the beans borrowed some of the buttery flavor too!"


Creamy Cucumber Salad

"I love this salad. To reduce the water I typically core the middle of the cukes, eliminating the seedy soft center. You get nice, crescent-shaped cucumber slices along with great flavor and no excess liquid. It takes a bit longer, but it’s worth it!”


Brussels Sprouts in Garlic Butter

"Normally I steam Brussels sprouts and saute them in browned garlic butter, following a sprinkle of parmesan. I figured this was just another avenue to the same thing. These are fabulous and far superior to the way I made them before. The cooking time was perfect, and the brown roasty part is an excellent touch.”


Kale With Caramelized Onions & Garlic

“We love kale at our house, and this is a good way to fix it! So many people are unfamiliar, therefore are afraid to try it. Go for it! It’s a great source of vitamins and tastes good too!”


Eggplant With Hot Garlic Sauce

“An outstanding recipe with intense flavors, meltingly soft textures and crunchy chestnuts with green onions. All eggplant lovers have to try this!”


Ground Beef-Stuffed Green Bell Peppers With Cheese

“This recipe was easy and turned out awesome. My family loved it. The only thing I added extra was two raw diced jalapeños.”

-Tracy C.

Celery & Radish Salad

"Yum! I had celery that needed to be used up and found this precious gem. The longer it sat, the better it tasted. Keeping this one handy."


Avocado Lime Salad

"This salad was quite delicious. I used it with the chicken enchilada menu and it was the standout of the meal. I will make this over and over again!”

-Northwest Suechef

Swiss Chard with Feta Cheese

“An excellent dish and very simple to make. I’ll most definitely make this again.”


Artichoke Salad

“This tasted great and was really easy to make! I knew I loved artichokes, but I didn’t realize quite how much until I tried this salad.”


Strawberry Romaine Salad

“This was wonderful! I made it as is, but added feta and pecan halves. Fresh, lovely and fulfilling.”


Mustard & Honey Glazed Parsnips

"I've never really eaten parsnips before except in soup. I’m so glad I tried out this recipe, it's parsnips as a side dish from now on! I really recommend trying this, it's delicious!"


Okra Salad

“If you like okra, you will love these pickles. If you don't like okra, I recommend you try this recipe anyway because the flavor is wonderful.”


Sauteed Arugula

“Mmm! I eat arugula in my salad but this was my first time cooking it. I love it on its own and also as a topping for baked chicken breast.”


Sauteed Yellow Squash

“This was delicious! We loved the buttery taste the squash gets. It gets cooked, but not too soft. This is a simple basic recipe with minimal ingredients.”


Fennel With Caramelized Onions

A spicy salad with a tangy crunch and fresh herbs for extra flavor!

Sesame Bok Choy

"I toasted my sesame seeds, only added half to the marinade and used the other half to sprinkle over the plated dish. The taste was very good."