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18 Creative Recipes Using Cereal

Think beyond the breakfast bowl with this pantry staple. You can stir cereal into muffin batter, use it in place of bread-crumbs or add it to sweet treats for a satisfying crunch.

Corn Flakes: Breaded Ranch Chicken

"This was a great recipe for my family. It had lots of flavor for the grownups, but the kids liked it too."


Granola: Peanut Butter Wraps

"I just love the combination of apple, peanut butter and granola. It staves off those hunger pangs for hours!"


Granola Chocolate Chip Cookies

"These are excellent! The crunchy granola makes them a million times better than plain chocolate chip cookies."


Shredded Wheat: Ham Meatballs

"Oh, this is so good. It smells heavenly and has that great mix of sweet and salty flavors."


Rice Krispies: Loaded Chocolate Bars

"Wow, these are fudgy and great! The semisweet chocolate's bitterness tones down the sweetness of the marshmallows and the butterscotch."

-Chef #1800103213

Corn Flakes: Easy Crispy Potatoes

"You can make these as is, or tweak the seasonings to suit the rest of the meal. It's so moist and tender!"

-wicked cook 46

Fiber One: Yogurt Muffins

"These are moist and not too sweet. The add-in possibilities are endless, as are the yogurt flavors!"

-Chef #350829

Corn Flakes: Denver Pork Chops

"This has become one of my favorite ways to cook pork chops. It's fast and uses ingredients I typically have around."


Magically Delicious Milkshake

The name says it all!

Corn Flakes: French Onion Chicken

"This is one flavorful, delicious chicken recipe! We loved the combination of french-fried onions and corn flakes."

-weekend cooker

Shredded Wheat: Meatloaf

"This was very tasty, and the shredded wheat worked out well! I topped it with chili sauce."


Corn Flakes: Crusty Baked Potatoes

"These are a wonderful change of pace from a regular baked potato! The crunchy shell was an added bonus."


Grape-Nuts: Coffee Cake

"This is my new favorite coffee cake! I used about a teaspoon of cinnamon."


Corn Flakes: Baked Fish Fillets

"This is very quick, easy and delicious! I added a tiny bit of cayenne pepper."


Corn Flakes: Hash Brown Potato Casserole

"We enjoy this casserole often. The recipe is easy to make, and it's festive!

-Lavender Lynn

All-Bran: Muffins

"I love this one! I add a chopped apple. It tastes wonderful and is a healthy breakfast."


Corn Flakes: Oven-Fried Chicken

"I love deep-fried chicken but hate the mess. This was the best-tasting chicken I've ever had. Try it!"

-colleen di ionno

Corn Flakes: Baked French Toast

"This is a great recipe! I just used milk, and substituted 1/4 cup of sugar for the Splenda."