34 Recipes for Flan

Whether you know it as flan or crème caramel, this creamy dessert has a cult following throughout the world. From traditional Latin American and Japanese versions to more innovative recipes and even savory flans, our users have come up with some of the dreamiest and creamiest flan recipes for you to try.

Ninfa's Flan

“My husband, who has always enjoyed flan, says this is the best flan he has ever had. The recipe was easy to follow, and I made it exactly as directed.”


Mexican Flan

"I baked this while my little boy was watching TV. It took me only 10 minutes and the result was very satisfying.”

-Ozlem Altinok

Chocolate Flan Cake

“If you can't find cajeta in the Spanish section of your supermarket, look where the condensed milk is and they might have dulce de leche (La Lechera brand). If you still can't find dulce de leche all you need to do is get a can of condensed milk, remove label, put in a pot with enough boiling water that will cover it and cook for three hours.”


Basic Spanish Flan

“I’ve always enjoyed flan but have been worried that it was too difficult to make. This recipe proved me wrong. Easy to follow and delicious!”


Guava & Cheese Flan

"Such an interesting dessert to make. I had never cooked with guava paste before and I've fallen in love with the flavour! The light fruitiness of the guava was lovely with this flan, which had a surprisingly light texture to it."

-Izy Hossack

Pumpkin Flan

"Really good! The family loved it as a new addition to Thanksgiving. Be sure to keep an eye on the sugar so it doesn't burn."

-Denver cooks

Flan Cake

‘One thing I would warn others about is just because the top cake part is finished and toothpick comes out clean does not mean the flan is finished.”

-Bonnie G 2

Pumpkin Crème Caramel

"I chilled these for six hours but not overnight and had some trouble getting them out of the mold. The flavor was fantastic, though!"


Weight Watchers Pumpkin Flan

"This turned out really good! I made a double recipe in a 12x8 pan and needed to cook for well over an hour. Also omitted the cayenne. We ate it tonight while still warm and I'm thinking it will be even better tomorrow cold.”

-Chris from Kansas

Our Favorite Brazilian Flan

Almost every country in Latin America has its own version of flan. This is a basic recipe for a Brazilian-style flan to which you can add all sorts of flavorings.

Creme Caramel from Your Pressure Cooker

Pressure steaming flan is a quick way to cook flan without fiddling with a water bath and risking a curdled custard. This recipe also works beautifully in the Instant Pot.

Orange-Coffee Flan

"Awesome! I love flan and usually stick to the traditional. But this was exceptional. I love the nuance of the orange zest in the caramel, and the coffee/cinnamon combo was the bomb.”


Caramelized Coffee Flan

"Wow, so good! I will be making this again! Wow!"


Corn Flan With Spicy Shrimp

“I had a meal similar to this in New Orleans a few years ago and so I had to try this. It was even better than the one I had at the restaurant.”


Delicious, Easy Cuban-Style Flan

"I grew up eating flan for special occasions and have been too intimidated to ever try making it myself. Decided to finally try it and picked this recipe since i could not find abuela’s. It was perfect. I am still in shock and everyone is fighting over who gets the last piece."

-Judi V.

Coconut Flan

"A very smooth and satisfying dessert. Just a word from the wise: be very careful with the caramel. I forgot how hot caramel can get and got some stuck to the end of my thumb. I had to sleep with my hand in a cup of ice!”


Miracle Margarita Flan Cake

"This is a fabulous recipe! It is absolutely restaurant quality. I used the Smucker's Caramel Ice Cream topping and it came out perfect. It is moist and tasty. It looks like it is a much more complicated recipe than it is.”


Canadian Bacon & Cheddar Cheese Flan

“Excellent. Made a half recipe for a late breakfast and enjoyed. Made as instructed; so pleased with the results that it's on for my next brunch.”


Sweet Potato Flan

"I didn't put the toasted coconut on top but otherwise made the same. It was delicious and something I will be making again for company. Such a nice change from my usual desserts. We love it!"

-Chef Lori

Lavender Flan

“This is so good. I love lavender, and the flan is a perfect vehicle for it.”


Rum Flan Cake

"What a great recipe — a change from regular flan, but all the great creamy taste with the addition of the soft chiffon cake. I thought it was going to be harder and I did have a little trouble with the directions, but when all was said and done it was a stellar delight that everyone raved about.”

-Bonnie G 2

Vanilla Flan With Raspberries

"I made this using fresh blueberries, and it was incredibly delicious! It was the end to a wonderful Mexican dinner for us! This recipe is so easy to prepare and the results are well worth the time it takes to prepare and make it.”



This is a completely different take on a flan that uses gelatin to set the custard mix - a technique that is sometimes used in Asia. The raspberries add brightness to the rich custard, and as a bonus, it’s all inside a crumbly crust.

Coffee & Kahlua Flan

“This coffee dessert was even enjoyed by people who don't like coffee. A perfect ending to your next Mexican dinner.”


Maple Ricotta Flans

"Very easy and very tasty! Just the right amount of maple flavor.”

-Outta Here

Coconut Caramel Flan

“A delicious flan with a coconut-almond taste.”

-pink cook

Creamy Parmesan Flans

“These are easy to make and very good to eat. I was surprised by the texture, which wasn’t ‘quichie’ but still creamy.”


Mean Chef's Espresso Flan

"Very, very good, and simple to make. I didn't have enough sugar for the caramel, so I used ice cream topping. Also added a little extra espresso, which worked out great.”


French Pear Flan

“Made recipe with only the ingredients listed but added more pears and decreased liquids.”

-Pamela D.

Pumpkin Flan With Caramel & Cinnamon Whipped Cream

“This flan was very light and smooth. I actually preferred it this way.”


Mocha Flan Cake Almendrado

"Fabulous! Love the coffee flavor in it! A nice change from the run of the mill!"


Caramelized Onion & Potato Flan

“The easiest potato dish with the best flavor! I did add more cheese and used sweet onions. Do work slowly when caramelizing the onions because the add great flavor to the potatoes.”


Fresh Plum Flan

"I thought this was more like a cake than a flan but it turned out to be really good anyway. I took a bit of a risk as I'd already stewed my plums and I was afraid that it wouldn't cook because of the juiciness. Funnily enough it didn't even need 45 minutes!”

-Ginger Rose

Orange Flan With Raspberry Coulis

"Wow! If I hadn't made it myself, I would never have believed this was a dairy free custard. It's so rich and creamy.”