16 Cherry Tomato Recipes

You can stuff 'em, slice 'em or straight up blister 'em! These little gems have so many uses, from salads to sheet pan meals — you'll be amazed at what you can get out of them.

Cherry Tomato & Corn Salad

"This is so good! The perfect summer flavors. I like to grill corn on the cob in the husks, then cut the kernels off the cob for this salad. I always get asked for this recipe!"

-Tee Lee

Avocado-Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes

"Wonderful, five stars! The avocado mix was gorgeous, and is a total pleasure to demolish. I think you can safely guarantee no leftovers with this recipe.”


Sauteed Chicken With Cherry Tomatoes

"Easy to make, and a big hit with the family! I’ll make again and again.”


Crab-Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes

“These were really good and easy to make. They had great taste, we’ll be making them again!”

-Troop Angel

Roasted Cherry Tomatoes With Goat Cheese

“A very nice side dish. This would be great as a sauce if you stirred it up hot from the oven, and topped your pasta with it! It would be like a yummy goat cheese pomodoro."


Avocado, Tomato & Corn Salad/Salsa

"This is delicious, and gorgeous! I loved the chipotle. We served ours with shredded pork.”


Green Beans with Cherry Tomatoes

"This was fabulously tasty and easy! The combination of butter, sugar, basil and garlic is quite outstanding, and perfect for tomatoes and beans. This makes four generous servings; but even so, this recipe is guaranteed to be gobbled whole. It's really exceptional.”


Cherry Tomato Salad

“I loved this salad! Perfect for summer, and the dressing is amazing.”


Cherry Tomato Crisp

"Very good, simple and made with fresh ingredients.”


Pasta With Roasted Garlic, Cherry Tomatoes & Basil

“This was delicious. What a lovely surprise! We really enjoyed the subtly flavored pasta. It was perfect served with gaucho-style steam and Argentinean chimichurri sauce.”

-Baby Kato

Cherry Tomato & Vegemite Tarts

"These were so tasty! I’ll make them again for picnics. They would be great to eat outside in the summer!”

-French Tart

Roasted Potatoes, Cherry Tomatoes & Green Beans

"We really enjoyed this dish! The salt, pepper and garlic added nice flavor to the vegetables without overpowering them. A great way to enjoy those wonderful fresh veggies right out of the garden.”


Roasted Cherry Tomato & Olive Pasta Sauce

"This was a really easy recipe to make. The tomato mixture cooked for an hour and a half. It tastes amazing! Fresh, light and delicious. We loved the flavors, they all mingle beautifully together.”

-Baby Kato

Lemon-Walnut Pesto-Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes

"What a great appetizer! I made these for a party and they were a huge hit. The lemon-walnut pesto is so tasty. This dish has a beautiful presentation!”


Cherry Tomatoes on Provolone Garlic Bread

“This is so good! I used french bread from the deli, and it went together very easily. I let the tomato mixture marinate for four hours for maximum flavor.”


Cherry Tomato & Herb Omelette

“I really liked this omelette. I’d never tried putting capers in an omelette, but I’m sure glad I did because I love salty things. The jalapenos were also a wonderful addition.”

-Andi Longmeadow Farm