Hau's Vietnamese Spring Rolls

Total Time
1hr 30mins
30 mins
1 hr

My friend and coworker used to bring these spring rolls to potluck lunches where they were inhaled by everyone. They are so delicious! The number of egg rolls this recipe makes is an estimate. The preparation and frying times depend on how quickly you can make the spring rolls and how many you're frying at that time. The spring rolls can be made ahead of time, frozen and cooked when you need them.

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  1. Mix together all ingredients except the egg white.
  2. Use a fork and spoon to place mixture on wrappers.
  3. Use the fork to form the mixture into roll shape on the wrapper.
  4. Roll up wrapper.
  5. Use egg white to seal edges.
  6. May be frozen at this point. Use wax paper to separate layers.
  7. Remove desired number of spring rolls and fry until golden brown (do not thaw).