The majority of pork today is cured (bacon and ham) and the remainder is termed "fresh." Today's pork is leaner (about 1/3 fewer calories) and higher in protein than the pork of just 10 years ago. Pork generally refers to young swine under a year old.


available year-round

How to select:

Look for pork that is pale pink with a small amount ofmarbling and white (NOT yellow) fat. The darker pink the flesh, the older the animal.

How to store:

Refrigerate fresh pork that will be used within 2 days of purchase. Pork that is wrapped and airtight can be frozen 3-6 months.

How to prepare:

brine, grill, roast Trichinosis in pork is now a rare issue. Normal precautions should be taken when handling pork, such as washing hands and utensils that come in contact with raw pork. Cooking to an internal temperature of 137F will kill any trichinae.

Matches well with:

apples, apricots, bay leaves, brandy, cabbage, Calvados, cherries, Cognac, coriander, cream, cumin, fennel, fruit, garlic, ginger, hoisin sauce, honey, huniper berries, lemon, lime, Marsala, molasses, mustard, onions, orange, parsley, pepper, pineapple, plum sauce, prunes, rosemary, sage, sauerkraut, soy sauce, star anise, tarragon, thyme, vinegar, walnuts, whiskey, white wine

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