Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 0 mins

I found this in with my grandmothers recipes. (Memories)A good drink to serve on St Patty's Day!Stick a straw and enjoy a minty milkshake! Try also using mint chocolate, chocolate ice cream! Blend in your favorite cookie!


  1. Mix all three ingredients except mint leaves together in a blender and blend until drink has the consistency of a good milk shake.
  2. Garnish with mint leaves.
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This is THE perfect grasshopper recipe! Some of them are overpoweringly minty, but this one is just right! Instead of ice cube I used a generous dash of half and half. Worked perfectly. My Dad asked me to add mini schoclate chips next time, and I told him just for him I woudl do it! I think he is anxiously waiting for me to make them again! :)

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Wow, this was just about perfect for my tastebuds! It reminded me a bit of a much better and naughty version of the Shamrock shakes I used to get as a kid from McDonald's on St. Patricks Day. I just dusted the top of mine with a tiny bit of chocolate powder. Made for vegetarian tag.

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Loved it and forgot not to eat very cold stuff too fast!! ouch!! hadda smack my man so i could have some of it too!!