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Straight forward, feels really light. Did them in a muffin tin for individual portions, with a little extra mango and tiny white chocolate chips and Greek yogurt. First baking in 25 years, literally!
photo of Fresh Mango Bread
So, I cook, not bake. I haven't baked in 25 years... I made a half batch for that reason, but added a bit extra mango and subbed in greek yogurt for the oil, as well as a scoop of vanilla protein powder (for me and my diabetic mom). They were delightful! Tomorrow we'll have them for dessert.
I found the frosting on amazon but sold out, however, Amazon makes a version of a dried box mix frosting, has anyone tried it? any idea if it works? substitutions required?
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garlic bread
How to Make Garlic Bread
Looking to seriously up your garlic bread game? Try this recipe for a classic toasty loaf. It’s golden brown with crusty edges, extra-garlicky, and a little cheesy. What’s not to love?By Heather Baird

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