16 Best Summer Recipes for Two

These perfectly proportioned recipes will provide a marvelous medley of summer delights from a sweet strawberry crisp to a refreshing kale salad!

Panko Fried Oysters for Two

"This recipe did not disappoint. They left us wanting more. I usually serve tartar sauce, but this sauce was so much better!"


Strawberry Crisp for Two

"I was so surprised how delicious this dessert was given the short list of ingredients and the brief preparation time. Without any extra sugar the berries formed a beautiful syrup filling that was luscious. The crispy topping was like a simple granola and was the perfect foil to the soft berries."


Avocado-Orange Salad for Two

"Loved this salad! What a great mixture of colors, textures and flavors. The dressing added that little 'kick.' I made this just as written and will be making again!"


Jamaican Jerk Chicken for Two

"Great flavor to this chicken, and the addition of molasses to the marinade left the chicken with a wonderful caramelized color."


Kale Salad With Avocado for Two

"Great idea to add the tomatoes - they give color and sweetness to this salad. Looking forward to trying this with other varieties of greens!"


Chicken Gyros for Two

"This was a quick and refreshing lunch for a warm summer afternoon. The chicken came out nice and juicy!"

-Lucky in Bayview

Spicy & Sweet Pork Chop Steaks for Two

"This was very good. My husband really enjoyed it! I served this with wild rice and boiled red potatoes. The extra sauce was delicious on both. I think this would be good made with chicken also."

-April Ballesteros

Lobster Tails for Two

"This recipe was simply delicious and the sauce was fantastic. Everything about the recipe was so easy. My husband thought this was restaurant quality and kept trying to talk my son into giving his up."


Little Lemon Pound Cake for Two

"Wow, we love this little cake! It is absolutely perfect in size and taste. I can't believe how easy it was to mix up. This might be a dangerous thing, it's so fast to make and delicious."

-Donna M.

Steak Diane for Two

"An excellent way to prepare filets! This is so good and so easy. A very impressive dish."


Greek Salad for Two

"The dressing is excellent. This made 3 generous servings and something I am sure to repeat. Thanks for a great recipe."


Creole Chicken for Two

"Wow, what a terrific, simple recipe. Well written, easy to follow instructions make this a great recipe for a flavorful meal my whole family enjoyed!"


Greek Garden Salad for Two

"I enjoyed every bite of this and found it to be a really good balance of fresh veggies and the saltiness of the feta and olives."


Shrimp Diablo for Two

"The fresh jalapeño really makes this dish! I usually have everything on hand which makes this a superb dish to fall back on when time is tight. Wonderful for date night or any night."

-Mamas Kitchen Hope

Tuna Rolls for Two

"Excellent filled rolls, good hot or cold for a packed lunch. Can be filled with almost anything you want, check out the fridge and use your imagination."


Small Batch Red Cabbage for Two

"Delicious sweet and sour cabbage downsized for smaller meals."