PART OF Valentine's Day

39 Non-Alcoholic Drinks for Valentine's Day

Whether you're extending Dry January for a month (or 12) or just don't partake in alcohol, you can still treat yourself and your loved one(s) to a special drink this Valentine's Day. From elegant mocktails to flavorful sodas, our users have you covered with these alcohol-free drink recipes that are perfect for a romantic meal or just sipping on the couch.

So Simple Punch

“I served this at a get-together yesterday. It was a huge hit.”


Virgin Margarita

“I loved this! However I used apple juice instead of orange.”

-Elena C.

Sonic Strawberry Cheesecake Shake

"All I can say is ‘wow!’ I never tried Sonic anything, but this milk shake is the best.”

-Chef Laurachingo

Maple Mocktail

"Very nice! Not recommended for anyone that doesn't like maple flavor. I used club soda for the sparkling water and only made one serving.”


Jolly Cranberry Juice Sangria

“My husband and I both love cranberry juice, so we both really enjoyed this sangria.”

-Queen Dana

Italian Cream Soda

"This is the exact, authentic recipe.”


Sunset Cooler

"This is delicious. I like that it's not too sweet.”


Orange Ice Cream Soda

"Nice summer drink. Or good for any season. I made mine with regular orange juice.”


Margarita Punch

“I lost count of how many batches I made! At least six double batches! Everyone loved it.”


Sparkling Party Punch

"I halved the recipe for a 14-people dinner party, but we finished nevertheless. The kids especially loved it."

-Izzy Knight

Lime Sherbet & 7-Up Punch

“It was delightful! I used the 7-Up and the lime sherbert as suggested. I might try a different flavor of sherbert next time.”


Fruit Punch

"Wonderful fruit punch! I made this in a scaled back version to serve one. Nice fruit combination and loved the fizz with the fruit juices. After I drank the liquid I got a spoon and ate the fruit.”


Pink Cloud Punch

"Perfect! Everyone loved it!”

-Kelli S.

Lavender Soda

"Very refreshing! Great flavors and easy to make.”

-Outta Here

Strawberry Sippin' Soda

"This creamy strawberry treat was wonderful. It was quick and easy to make. So much strawberry flavor — it was excellent.”

-Baby Kato

Pear & Grape Juice

"So good! I really enjoyed the flavor!”


Sparkling Apple Juice

“We love sparkling apple cider/juice and it's the only way I'll drink apple juice. This was super easy, economical and so refreshing.”

-Dienia B.

Margarita Ice Cream and Sherbet Fizz

"This is a fabulous way to cool off after a long day of fun in the sun! My results didn't look as pretty, but it tasted great!”


Cherry Velvet Limeade Mocktail

“This simple little concoction can be whipped up in minutes and is zesty and refreshing for the whole family.”

-The Blender Girl

San Francisco Marriott's Pink Punch

"Super easy and very refreshing. It went quickly! I made flower-shaped ice cubes out of cranberry juice with a little bit of red food coloring, which made a nice contrast.”

-Marg CaymanDesigns

Blushing Beauty Mocktail

"Nice little drink. I used the peach nectar and the diet ginger ale as was suggested by another poster. I didn't find it overly sweet.”

-Lori Mama

Mango Mocktail

"This was a very easy cool and refreshing drink.”


Australian Mocktail

"This made a nice refreshing drink! I used almond milk!”


Virgin Peach Bellini

“Really good! I have an abundance of peaches again, and these were delicious!”


Apple Juice Frosty

“This was a really refreshing treat!”

-Lucky in Bayview

French Sodas

"This is so yummy. I made it with fresh raspberries.”


Lemon Soda

“I enjoyed this for something different! It was a little sweet, so I added water as suggested.”



"Great recipe! The artists at my gallery love it. I substitute mandarin Jarritos for the cream soda."

-Leah V.

Citrus & Honey Punch

"I made as per the recipe with all freshly juiced fruit. I needed to add about 14 tablespoons of honey to sweeten. Now I have approximately six litres of juice to drink, which shouldn't be a problem as it is scrum-diddly-umptious.”

-Alan T.

Maraschino Cherry Shake

“Easy to make, even easier to drink! We all loved it!”

-Troop Angel

Zesty Punch Sipper

"Really great recipe. It has a pleasant tingle to it, and the taste is sweet and refreshing."


Pink Rhubarb Punch

"This is a wonderful punch recipe. We love rhubarb so I knew this would be a hit.”


Rhubarb Soda

"This soda was delicious. Quick, very easy to make.”

-Baby Kato

Virgin Strawberry Daiquiri

“So good! I made this as a mid morning snack.”


Fresh Lime Soda

“I love homemade sodas and this one is no exception.”

-Baby Kato

Mango Ginger Mocktails

"Very nice, refreshing drink. I just made a single serving trying to use up some mango nectar.”


Pomegranate Julep

"This was nice with the lime! I didn't have any fresh mint and know that it would put this drink over the top!”


Virgin Coco Mojito

"Boy was this good! Made it with Monin coconut syrup and will definitely make it again. This is more addictive than some alcoholic drink.”

-Mia in Germany

Rose Water Soda

“It's flavor is soft and subtle. I loved the combination of lime, mint and rose water. It's a very old world flavor. It’s sweet and tart, just perfect. I also omitted the red food coloring, so my version was a pretty soft pink.”

-Baby Kato