Ditch 'Fake Love' This Valentine's Day

BTS Fans, rejoice! These Tata mousse pops are perfect for your loved ones.

Make Your Sweetie a Heart-Shaped Pizza

Pizza: the ultimate expression of love.



Eating these is like having cake for your breakfast!

Devil's Food Pancakes

Throw Your Friends a Galentine's Day Party

Channel your inner Leslie Knope.

Stranger Things Themed Valentine's Day Party

No demogorgon allowed.

How to Make Conversation Heart Doughnuts

Say "I love you" in these super-sized hearts.



This is utterly divine! So creamy and delicious; also love how easy it is to make!

Valentine Milkshake

Online Gift Ideas for Valentine's Day

Looking for that perfect something? From heart-shaped pots to candy bouquets, shower your loved one with goodies.

Bubbly Valentine's Day Cocktails

A little (or a lot of) bubbles never hurt anyone.

Bonnie G #2

Bonnie G #2

Something this easy should not be this good. I heated the brie in the microwave until it was just warm and soft.

Brie, Pesto & Sun-Dried Tomatoes

Individual Beef Wellington

This dish looks great and tastes even better.

Your Guide to the Ultimate French Toast

Your toast will be GBP - golden, brown perfection.

Valentine Jam Tarts

One bite love.



This pudding is so rich, decadent, and oh so yummy! An added bonus is that it is lower in fat, but without tasting like it.

Chocolate Blackout Pudding

Heart-Shaped Scones

The secret ingredient of this recipe is love.



I have loved this combo for years! The only thing I'd change is to add a dab of real butter while still very hot.

Blue Cheese Steak

Pomegranate Guacamole

This guac has a sweet and spicy edge.

Get-In-Your-Feels Foods for Valentine's Day

Set the mood on your table for the night.

Julie F

Julie F

These were super easy and such a hit! I used Oreos with chocolate filling and made my own brownie mix.

Oreo & Peanut Butter Brownie Cupcakes

Twice-Baked Potato Gratin Muffins

What a brilliant way to use up leftover potatoes!

Chocolate-Fudge Brownies

Eat or not to eat? More like eat a piece or all?

Baked Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate just got leveled up.



It was just sweet enough and very creamy. I baked it for an extra half hour as it wasn't set enough for the time suggested.

Red Velvet Cheesecake