PART OF Valentine's Day

12 Bubbly Valentine's Day Cocktails

A little bit of bubbly is just what you need to spice up your Valentine's Day. Make the bottle last by fixing up a few of these decadent drinks.

Limoncello Cocktail

"Delicious! A new favorite for me!"


Kir Royale

"They are simple, festive and I'm sure the blackcurrants in the creme de cassis make them healthy!"


Pink Flirtini

"This is one beautiful and tasty cocktail that I will make again and again! Be careful, it's actually quite strong!"


Strawberry Champagne Cocktail

"Great drink! Pretty and refreshing."


Sparkling Pomegranate Cocktail

"I was making a couple different pomegranate drinks tonight and this was my last one I tried. Love the bubbles — they kept bubbling up off the orange zest."

-Charlotte J

Cosmopolitan Champagne

"This drink is delicious and not too sweet at all."


Caribbean Champagne Cocktail

"This is for banana lovers! You know how champagne goes to your head? This drink brings it faster. I found this sweet but good."


Tropical Champagne

"Not only pretty but absolutely delicious and refreshing. I think I'll be using this ALL the time!"


Pomegranate Champagne

"So sparkly and beautiful. The taste exceeds the looks!"


Lychee Mint Champagne

"I really loved the flavor of this. I would like to make this again!

-Sara 76

Sparkling Paradise

"Simplicity at its best. I used lime flavored club soda and would strongly recommend doing that since the rum (Cruzan Mango) is already sweet."


Cranberry & Vodka Sparkle

"Great drink — the cranberry and lime are really nice together. It would even be nice with no alcohol!"