26 Oktoberfest Recipes to Celebrate Fall

Celebrate the fall season with these beloved Oktoberfest recipes.

Chicken Schnitzel



Authentic Black Forest Cake (Schwarzwald Kirsch Kuchen)

"Unbelievably good. I made it for a German-themed gathering. The host, who was born and raised near Stuttgart, said it was as good as any he's ever had back home."


Easy German Beef Roulade

"Fantastic and easy!! Make sure you use good spicy German mustard!"


German Cabbage Casserole - Kohl Und Hackfleisch

"A real comfort food. Even those who say they hate cabbage will eat this and like it!"

-Mamas Kitchen Hope

Oktoberfest Beef Rouladen

"Delicious! Authentic German flavors! This was so easy to prepare and came out so tender...I have made many Rouladens and this was at the top of my list."


Homemade Bratwurst

"This was a great recipe for me to start making brats."


Oktoberfest Strudel With Mustard Sauce

"This is a great dish with apples, sauerkraut and bratwurst. Depending on how you serve it, it makes a great appetizer as well as an entree."


Brotchen (German Rolls)

"We lived in Germany and these taste like authentic brotchen! My family loved them and I can't wait to make them again!"

-Baking Girl

Apfelrotkoh (Braised Red Cabbage)

"Delicious! This is so easy to put together and looks very pretty upon presentation as well. Loved the bacon and apple with caraway!"


Oktoberfest Curry Catsup

"This made for a super yummy curry ketchup! It was so easy to make and came out delish!"


Oktoberfest Spinach Strudel

"A delicious appetizer or side dish. Good for Oktoberfest!"


Hot German Potatoes and Knockwurst

"This was delicious! All the flavors played very well together."


Knackwurst Skillet

"This made a great dinner and leftovers were perfect for lunch later in the week."


Kartoffelkloesse (German Potato Dumplings)

"These are awesome! I will definitely make them again and I highly recommend this recipe!"


German Fried Potatoes

"This is so flavorful!"


Pork, Veal, or Chicken Schnitzel

"It was quick and my husband, who lived in Germany while In the service, loved it! Definitely a family favorite!"

-Daniel W.

Pork Schnitzel

"Absolutely perfect schnitzel. It was so yummy, will be making this again for sure!"

-Galley Wench

Wiener Schnitzel

"This was as good as any wiener schnitzel I had in Germany. Definitely a real treat and a keeper."



"Since I am originally from Germany, I would invite you to try out this recipe. It is called wurstsalat, or in English, sausage salad. It is a German recipe."

-elisabeth the only

German Spaetzle

"This spaetzle was easy to make and had a lot of flavor. It can stand on its own as a side in many German recipes."


Sauerkraut Chowder

"Wow! One of my kids kept asking when we could eat because it smelled so good."


Baked German Potato Salad

"I always thought German potato Salad was a difficult and time-consuming ordeal; however, this recipe was really easy to make."


Authentic German Potato Salad

"All I have to say is that a room full of Germans talked about how great it was, wanted to know who made it and asked if I would make it at every get together."


Vegetable Strudel

"We all really enjoyed this. It went nicely with a roasted chicken, but would easily stand alone as a vegetarian main course."


Apple Strudel Two Ways



Braised Red Cabbage and Apples

"Delicious! Easy to follow instructions, really easy to make, and a fabulous blend of flavors: this is a side-dish that would perfectly complement grilled meats!"

-bluemoon downunder