Muesli in a Slow Cooker / Crock Pot

Total Time
1hr 10mins
Prep 10 mins
Cook 1 hr

Crunchy muesli that the whole family will adore. Beats any store bought Muesli hands down and much cheaper too. PS: If you enjoy 'Fast Food' and lots of sweet things, please don't try this recipe. It is quite possibly a recipe that is not designed to appeal to an American palate. It is more of a low fat/low sugar version, a breakfast that will keep you going for hours without the hit of a low blood sugar levels within a short period of time. I find that when I have this for breakfast, I'm not hungry again until 1 - 2 pm. Enjoy!!

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  1. Pre-heat the crock pot on high for 20 minutes.
  2. Combine grains, seeds, nuts, sugar, oil and vanilla in the crock-pot.
  3. Add the oil and vanilla and stir thoroughly.
  4. Cover with lid and cook on high for about 2 hours stirring once or twice while cooking.
  5. Remove lid after cooking is finished, stir thoroughly and allow to cool completely before stirring in the dried fruit and then storing in an air-tight container. The Tupperware cereal container is perfect.
  6. Enjoy!
Most Helpful

This is terrific muesli/granola! I used regular brown sugar and stirred every 20 minutes and it worked out fine. I didn't add the bran, and for nuts I used almonds. I love this mixed into yogurt so I didn't add any dried fruit; I'll add it at serving time when I use this as a cereal. I took the suggestion of other reviewers and added some cinnamon about halfway through the cooking time. Love this - thanks for sharing the recipe!

loof September 21, 2012

Let's see, where to begin? First of all I would recommend reading through all of the reviews first. That helped me tremendously. I used a 3-quart slow cooker which was greased first then heated up with the cover on. The recipe was cut in half and I threw in a variety of grains all in flake form: barley, rye, triticale and of course oats. A variety of dried fruit was added: cranberries, raisins, pomegranates, red raspberries, cherries, black currants. Nuts/seeds: almonds, sesame seeds, pepitas, sunflower (forgot to add the Oregon-grown hazelnuts!) Spices: cinnamon, ground ginger, pinch freshly grated nutmeg. (Demerara sugar, too. ) Added all this along with the other ingredients in the list to the crock pot and cooked on HIGH 1 hour. Stirred. Added one more tablespoon of oil. Cooked another hour on HIGH. Stirred. Reduced to LOW and cooked another 45 minutes-1 hour. Perfect. Somewhat crunchy-almost more like granola. Absolutely delicious with a splash of fresh cream from the local dairy farm. Will make again! Reviewed for Australian/NZ Swap #50.

COOKGIRl March 18, 2011

Though this isn't officially out of the crock pot yet, I have done enough sampling to be able to rate it. I must first tell you that I left out the wheat germ so that my husband could enjoy this too, and subbed whole golden flax seed in it's place. Oh, and this is VERY IMPORTANT: I did not preheat my crock pot ahead of time, because many of the newer units have an automatic kill switch that will terminate your crock pot forever as a safety device should you forget and leave it on with little to nothing left in the unit (I know this from experience). When I added the oil to the oats, I also stirred in 2 Tbs. real maple syrup and a pinch more vanilla then the recipe called for. I also added the coconut, and sunflower seeds. Then once the first hour was up, I stirred in some chopped dried apricot, chopped dried apple, dried tart cherries, dried cranberries, cashew pieces, and some roasted cinnamon. Now my house smells heavenly! I will definitely make this often. Thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe Kathy. Now comes the hard part....I have to share the muesli. Made and reviewed for the 50th AUS/NZ Recipe Swap.

Chef Buggsy Mate March 11, 2011