There are two distinct fruits which are called currants: (1) the dried zante grape; like a raisin, it is used in baked goods and (2) a fresh tiny berry related to the gooseberry. Currents are black, red, or white. The black ones are used for preserves, syrups and liqueurs; while the red and white berries are for eating out of hand.

Plural: Currants

Ethnicity: Greek

Season: July - September

How to select: The dried zante grapes are available year round, the fresh currants have a summer season.

How to store: Refrigerate fresh currants, tightly covered, up to 4 days.

Matches well with: almonds, cherries, cream, pears, raspberries

Substitutions: raisins, chopped soft prunes, chopped dates

Popular Currant Recipes