Lavender Sugar

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Total Time
1 min
0 mins

Someone said I should post this as a recipe, not just mention it on the gardening message board. It seems too simple to think of as a recipe, but here it is! (I also do this with rose-scented geranium leaves.)

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  1. Mix.
  2. Let stand for at least a few days.
  3. Use in tea, over berries, in lemonade, sprinkled on scones before baking.
  4. Also makes a great "scrub" in the shower.
  5. 14 August 07- A couple of gals have asked me about ratios for this. It's entirely up to you. Some lavender is stronger than others and some people like a stronger flavour than others, so you just have to experiment and find what you like. Start with about 1T. per cup of sugar and go from there. Charlis.