Vegetarian Crock Pot Unbeef Stew

Recipe by ajenas kitchen
READY IN: 6hrs 20mins




  • Wrap and freeze the tofu and then let it thaw out completely. Drain the water from the tofu, and cut into slices. Press out any remaining water. Cut the slices into chunks and bake at 200°F on an ungreased cookie sheet while chopping the rest of the ingredients; check the tofu about every 10 to 15 minutes so that it doesn't get browned--it should just be dried out, not burned. The tofu should be well dried out, like croutons.
  • Place all of the prepared ingredients into a crockpot, stir well, and cook on high for at least 6 to 8 hours, stirring occasionally. The stew is ready when it is thick and brown, and the vegetables are fork tender.
  • To press water from tofu:
  • Place tofu block between two dinner plates. Place a heavy object, such as a cast iron pan, on top of the plates and wait for 15 minutes or so. Drain water from plates. Flip tofu block over and replace the plates. Place the cast iron pot on top on the plates once again. Drain for 15 minutes more. Discard water. Tofu is now ready to use, or can be placed in a plastic bag. Once bagged, place in the fridge until needed.
  • I usually press and drain the tofu when purchased, storing it in a plastic bag in the fridge so it will be ready to use when needed.
  • (Preparation time given above does not include pressing tofu).