Thai Prawn And Pineapple Curry, "Kaeng Khua Saparot"

"This I have to make yet. Found it at the sight. A quote from them "The pineapple adds a touch of tart sweetness to this dish. It has a rich creamy texture, and a red coloration that is an attractive complement to the shrimp. If you want to be a little fancy you can serve it in pineapple skin bowls." In place of palm sugar you can use Brown sugar!"
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photo by Artandkitchen
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  • Peel, devein, and behead the shrimp, leaving only the small tail shells on.
  • Drop two tomatoes into boiling water for about a minute, then remove to cold water, peel, quarter, discard the seed pulp, and chop the flesh.
  • You want 2 tablespoons of chopped tomatoes.
  • In a little oil in a medium hot wok, briefly saute the garlic and basil, removing it and reserving it when the aroma is fully developed.
  • Cook the curry paste briefly to develop the aroma, then add half the coconut milk, the fish sauce, tomatoes, pineapple, lime juice and sugar.
  • Stir to combine fully.
  • Add the prawns and cook until they turn slightly pink and opaque.
  • Add the remainder of the coconut milk, the lime leaves and slivered chili, at the same time returning the sauted garlic and basil to the pan.
  • Transfer to a serving dish and serve with steamed Thai jasmine rice.

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  1. We love thai food and this recipe very much!<br/>I used fresh pineapple, thai-basil and only a pinch sugar. DELICIOUS! Thanks for this recipe
  2. i have made similar recipes, the coconut milk, sambal olek, fish sauce and lime are the standard ingredients but the pineapple is a nice addition, adds a hint of sweetness. i only used a pinch of sugar and found that to be enough. nice easy dinner
  3. This was really flavorful. We used the full amount of curry paste and enjoyed the addition of the lime leaves. We felt it was a little too saucy though (thin sauce). Next time I will just use a can of coconut milk versus the 2 cups called for. We'll make this again.
  4. I would give this 6 stars if i could!! wow, I made my own red curry paste to add to this recipe. Such a great balance of flavors. I didnt change much to the recipe other than added a bit more red curry paste because I like to have it hot. Thank you
  5. Served this for guests last night, everyone loved it, hubby felt it was a four star. However, I am not a prawn lover, and I tried one of the prawns and thought it was really beautiful. So for the guests' response and my own, I'm giving it five stars, as I had to use the suggested subs of soy for fish sauce, and brown sugar for palm sugar, and Fiji was out of kaffir lime leaves.


  1. Great curry, I substituted the coconut milk for Carnation evaporated milk with a dash of coconut essence as a less fattening option, also put in some chopped spring onions (scallions)& coriander(cilantro) with the lime leaves & chilli. Awesome!!!
  2. I changed this recipe so much that I don't think I should really be giving it any stars, since I didn't follow it very well, but it was too good not to. First off I used tofu instead of shrimp and marinated it in soy sauce and lime juice- I think next time I will try coconut milk. I added carrots, celery, zucchini, mushrooms, and nappa cabbage too. I also used some left over canned tomatoes. I had to improvise a little with the curry paste- I didn't have any and my mom is a bit of a wimp, so I cut back on it and added some extra curry powder, coriander, and lime juice. Left out the chili pepper and subbed some lime juice for the leaves. Threw in about a tablespoon orange peel and some ginger too. It was so fabulous this way and I'm sure it would be just as great the original way too. Thank you so much!



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