17 Easy Coffee Drinks

Ready to go beyond your same ol' black coffee? Check out these creative coffee ideas that'll put a spring in your step.

Chocolate-Almond Coffee Frappe

"Terrific frappe. I enjoyed this creamy, cold coffee and chocolate treat very much. It was quick and really easy to make with excellent results."

-Baby Kato

Thai Iced Coffee

"This was very refreshing! The almond and cardamom really complemented the coffee. I drank it ALL!"


Steaming Mocha Cocoa

"This is definitely a coffee I will make often! It is not too sweet and has a very nice balance of cocoa, coffee and vanilla. It's a perfect cup to go along with a rainy morning and a knitting project."

-Leah's Kitchen

Iced Coffee

"WOW! I absolutely love this."


Hot Buttered Toffee Coffee

"This wonderful coffee just hit the spot. I really enjoyed the flavor of this creamy, rich, thick treat. I will definitely be making this again."

-Baby Kato

Black Magic Coffee

"This is a wonderful coffee. I loved the rich, dark brew. It had so much flavor. I made a whole pot just for me."

-Baby Kato

Turkish Coffee

"I love the cardamom flavor with the coffee. I used Splenda in place of sugar. It was a great change from the same old coffee. I'll make this again."


Creamy Iced Vanilla Caramel Coffee

"Oh this was just toooo yummy! I used a very dark Italian roast coffee and 1% milk. If it weren't for the calories I could drink these all day! The whipped cream took it over the top!"


Red Eye

If you're having trouble waking up, this beverage will bounce you out of bed in the morning. Sleepy eyes take note: There's nothing subtle about this combination of coffee and espresso.

Gingerbread Coffee

"This tastes just like a piece of gingerbread dunked into your coffee — only better! I'll be making this one often!"


Iced Espresso Marvo

"Even if you don't usually take your coffee drinks without some kind of cream, you'll love the mix of sparkling water and espresso. It makes for a nice and unique bubbly coffee concoction."


Coffee Imperial

"I wouldn't change a single thing about this recipe except to make two for myself next time! The flavors of cinnamon and coffee could rule the world. You just can't go wrong with this one."


No Sugar Added Iced Coffee

"This deserves about 10 stars. My son is a big frozen coffee drink fan, and he says it's better than any coffee shop concoction he's ever had. I couldn't agree more."


Peppermint Patty Coffee

"This tasted just like candy! I also made this even more decadent by using fat-free half-and-half."


Brown Sugar & Caramel Latte

"This is a great cup of coffee. It's deep and dark, but mellowed with cream and sweetened with caramel and brown sugar."

-Baby Kato

Instant Coffee Espresso

"What a nice way to improve the flavor of instant coffee! This is very quick and easy. I thought it tasted just as good — if not better than — the flavored instant coffee you can buy."


Mexican Coffee

This coffee is for after-hours only! With a splash of brandy and Kahlua, it's the perfect post dinner treat.